Buy or Build Your Dallas Home?


Buying a home is the American dream, especially when Dallas is the city you’ve chosen to call home. The second largest city in Texas, Dallas has an array of delightful homes for sale and buyers can build a home if they choose.

Both buying and building a home have their advantages and disadvantages. Buyers have an array of considerations to decide before buying a home. Home location, size, price, mortgage and interest rates, amenities, nearby schools and facilities, and home condition are some of the many factors involved in buying a home, whether you buy a pre-existing home or build the home from scratch. This purchase may very well be one of the biggest investments you ever make; it should be made after careful thought and consideration.

Buying an Existing Home

Buying an existing home has several advantages, but the two primary advantages are the costs and convenience. Working alongside a realtor makes finding the perfect home less time-consuming and reducing the costs you’ll incur. Realtors find the home meeting your standards, in the neighborhood of your desire, and within your budget. For example, if you are looking at Dallas homes for sale, you can find some very reasonable prices in today’s market. Buying a pre-existing home is usually less time consuming than building. Once a home is found and an offer accepted, closing usually takes about 30 to 60 days.

The National Association of Home Builders reports buying an existing home cheaper than the cost of building a home, although mortgage rates vary from one buyer to the next. Mortgage calculators are available to give you a better idea of the total costs of buying a specific home.

The disadvantages of buying a pre-existing home are also there, however, and for some buyers, the negative aspects of the purchase entice them to build their home from the ground up.

Building Your Home

Building a home is an exciting and overwhelming job that no other task brings. You’re in charge of every aspect of the home you will call your own, from the placement of the rooms to the flooring, design, and more. You are less likely to need repairs when you build a brand-new home, and knowing that you’re the first to reside in the home is always fulfilling.

New homes are up to codes and current trends and standards, and they offer energy-efficiency not found in most older homes. Less toxins mean improved health, and newly constructed homes are far less likely to have them inside. Moving into a newly built home is comforting, as you know there is no damage or other concerns that require more money and hassle soon. Although there are many extra details to fulfill when building a home from the ground up, most agree that there isn’t a more rewarding feeling in the world.

large home.
Large home in Rock Island.

Buy or Build: What is the Best Option?

Buying a home has pros and cons, just as building a home brings ups and downs. Weigh your options, talk to homebuilders and real estate agents, and make your own list of advantages and disadvantages. Spending a bit of time weighing your options makes a world of difference in the outcome of your decision.