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Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart Confronts Imposters Using Her Name

rose stuart.
Rose Stuart.

For Immediate Release

(Los Angeles, CA / Great Falls, Montana, August 14, 2017) Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart has been having some great new business lately, thanks to her recent successes of predicting Trump’s win, her prediction of Russian hacking, issues with North Korea, helping to find missing children, and more, in addition to predicting very personal, powerful things for individuals on a one on one basis. This has earned her an international reputation, with clients from all over the world calling to speak with her. But as with any success – it unfortunately often comes with its share of haters – those jealous of the person at the top of their field.

Rose Stuart, Psychic to the Stars.

It is with this understanding that Rose Stuart reports how there have been at least one or more psychics going around using Rose Stuart’s name, stating they are her – when they are not. Trouble first came to Rose’s attention when she decided to rent a booth at a Montana area fair, having moved back to her hometown of Great Falls, Montana. At least one regular client of Ms. Stuart allegedly reported that another psychic has been using Rose Stuart’s name – reportedly telling people she was Rose Stuart, at a Montana area fair Rose had a booth at. Rose Stuart has now had other reports from clients who said they saw her at other locations, where Rose had never been.

Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart says, “I’ve always been successful, because I love what I do, I love helping people, and I am good at what I do. I have a good reputation and my clients always come back to me. I’m also an ordained minister. I have very strong faith in God, and this is like my religion to me. But I’m very sad that this person or persons are going around trying to steal my name, and hurt my very good reputation.” Rose Stuart warns that in order to avoid imposters and criminals, to make sure to check for her only address and only phone number, as detailed at the bottom of this story.

Channeling the Divine

Rose states that she comes from a family of intuitive workers, from both of her parents, to her grandparents and even great grandparents. She repeatedly reminds clients how her readings are not from her, but messages from the divine.

She frequently offers prayers for clients, lights white candles for them, and asks that God bless them. One can not but help feel and know that Rose is very sincere with what she does and says, and takes her work very seriously. With a warm heart, a sincere spirit, and a strong voice that many swear – including this writer – channels the divine, It is evident that Rose – behind her kind eyes and warm smile, genuinely likes and cares about people.

Certainly not your average psychic, Rose Stuart proves that the field – despite having its share of persons that are dishonest – deserves a fair examination when it comes to Rose, her background, and the many testimonials of her clients from all over the world. A phone call or visit with Rose will undoubtedly prove to anyone with an open mind that here indeed is a woman with a refined, special gift that is at once both instantly recognizable, undoubtedly startling, and undeniably invaluable to anyone on this great journey we call life.

Visit the Real Rose Stuart at:

The Rose Boutique, Etc.

1201 10th Av, South, Suite 102 A,

Great Falls, Montana, 59405

Call Rose from anywhere in the world at:

Call the Real Rose Stuart at Tel: 406-866-0733 and also Tel: 406-788-5348

Email Rose directly at: GreatFallsRose@gmail.com

If the person can not prove the above phone numbers or email, then it is an imposter – stay away, and deal only with the real Rose Stuart from Great Falls, Montana, as seen on news reports nationwide.

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