New Website Gives “The Continent of Africa” A Look Into Black Life In America


As an online platform, The Church of Black Syientology has the ability to reach all four corners of the globe. But for this growing church, it is directing its message solely towards the continent of Africa. Black life in America is due for a radical change.

With the recent resurgence of racism and factions that are instigating by flaming the flames of racial tensions, the church feels that blacks in America must begin a serious effort to “reconnect” with their homeland of Africa.


This phrase has been used many times by whites out of frustrations with blacks. But the possibility of it actually being considered on a mass level is becoming more and more a tangible solution to America’s race problem.

Back 2 Africa Movement

Therefore, in preparation for an exodus back to Africa, this new church has scientifically broken down what it means to be black in America. This is essential because it reintroduces these “family members” who have been disconnected for up to 500 years.

Black Syientology represents both the positives and negatives of what blacks have learned during their time spent in America. And in many ways it has the ability to “Americanize” Africa in an effort to avoid a culture clash upon reuniting.

But many fear that the true accounts of black life in America documented by the church – may have the adverse effect of rendering African American immigrants “unwelcome” in their homeland.

This is the dilemma of the #Back2AfricaMovement

Nevertheless, the church feels it is time that Black America seriously considers this idea as a solution to their seemingly unwanted presence in America.

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Prophet King Nazir Muhammad

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