Makers Nutrition Launches CBD Supplement Brand

The nutraceutical company Makers Nutrition, LLC, announces the launch of its subsidiary brand, Stock CBD Supplements.

Stock CBD Supplements is a CBD (cannabidiol) product development company powered by Makers Nutrition, LLC, an award-winning dietary supplement manufacturer based in Hauppauge, NY. Through Stock CBD, Makers Nutrition is now offering customers ready-to-sell CBD stock formulas, label design, and drop shipping services, with many products shipping in just two weeks.

“Makers Nutrition is an FDA Registered, NSF International audited cGMP Company. Makers Nutrition is an organization that takes this industry very seriously,” said Jason Provenzano, Makers Nutrition, LLC, President and CEO. “There are too many sad stories about inventors putting their life’s work or investors putting their life savings into products made by fly-by-night, underqualified companies that produce products that do not meet specifications and do not sell. At Makers Nutrition, we offer not only the best in quality and service, but very competitive pricing that gives our clients the best overall value available anywhere.”

As a CBD supplement manufacturer, Stock CBD Supplements is dedicated to product safety, quality, and assured compliance. Stock CBD Supplements not only adheres to the industry’s legislative and regulatory standards, including cGMP, but is determined to make its customers successful by offering a variety of services including label design, packaging design, and fulfillment services.

about makers nutrition and Stock CBD Supplements. Photo c/o Makers Nutrition
About makers nutrition. Photo c/o Makers Nutrition

About Makers Nutrition, LLC

Makers Nutrition is a fast-growing custom vitamin & supplement manufacturer specializing in capsules, tablets, powders, soft gels, and liquids. The company’s mission is to provide dietary supplement companies with a full turnkey solution for contract manufacturing, order fulfillment, packaging, graphic design, and customer service. Learn more about Makers Nutrition at

About Stock CBD Supplements

Stock CBD Supplements is a full-service supplement manufacturer with a 177,000 sqft NSF GMP Registered and FDA-Approved facility. Stock CBD offers completely turn-key CBD products to its customers. Every day, Stock CBD Supplements’ next generation equipment produces high-quality supplements that are ready to be labeled and distributed around the world.

For more information about Stock CBD. Supplements or Makers Nutrition, contact Rosemary Tambini Media Coordinator, Makers Nutrition, LLC +1 844-625-3771

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