Five Creative Ideas to make Your News Headlines Catchy

Finding great news can be a difficult job. What’s even more difficult, though, is selling this great news. If you make your news headlines amazing and appropriate, there is no doubt that people will read what you have to say, no matter how boring it may be in reality.

So how do you make your news headlines catchy and appropriate? Read below to find out!

Appropriate Fonts

Fonts are one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when doing any text related job. The font of your headlines must be big and bold, enough to be seen from a slight distance and read without any straining of the eyes.

Make sure the colour of your chosen font is a good contrast with the background theme. People do not like reading anything if they have to strain their eyes to make an effort. For example, a black font on a maroon background would be annoying whereas white is the. Try to stick to the classic black and white combo, because it works best.

Think about what the font size means for a long headline.


Sensationalise the headlines of the news you’re giving. Make the words catchy enough that people are inclined to click it and read.

For example ‘[Famous movie actor name] found drunk driving last night’ makes a much bigger impact than ‘Police found intoxicated celebrity on the road last night.’

Do Not Oversell

Even though sensationalising the news is quite important, you must also keep in mind to never oversell whatever it is you’re trying to tell the public. Keep in mind the kind of impact your news is going to make and headline it appropriately.

For example, if you’re trying to talk about potential natural occurrences in your area, it is best to head the news with something like ‘Natural occurrences we might face this year’ Instead of ‘Be prepared for these devastating calamities in your area this year!’ The first headline will make people read the news in a calm manner where the second one invokes some fear and if the news does not come true, they will assume your sources are not reliable.

Stay up to Date

Remember to mainly publish recent news. Do not publish a duplicate news headline many days after hundreds of other websites already talked about it. Also, remember to not give updates on a subject that people have gotten over. They may believe == you are out of touch with what’s hot in the world and will not consider your website for their updates.


If you want to have a great international audience, it is useful to include a translation option on your website. This is especially important if your website will not be primarily in English. For example, if you’re setting up a Tamil News Website, include an option for translating into English so more people can understand your stories.

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