Brand New Construction Homes in Port St Lucie

If you haven’t heard of Port St Lucie before, it is located on the Treasure Coast of Florida, which is about 35 minutes North of the Palm Beaches. Considered to be one of the last reasonably priced places to live in South Florida, with a median home value around $225k. Port St Lucie recently became a popular place to buy a lot and build a brand-new construction home.

Port St Lucie is not a congested city like West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, or Miami. On the contrary, buyers can find large lots, within sparsely built up neighborhoods, providing privacy, and no HOA type restrictions.

In fact, these days people are moving from South Florida cities, to the Treasure Coast where home prices are considerably less.

According to licensed Treasure Coast Realtors selling brand new homes in Port St Lucie, the market is higher in 2019, then last year, which saw a 7% increase.

new port st. Lucie home. Photo c/o Treasure Coast Realtors.
Photo c/o Treasure Coast Realtors.

New Port St Lucie Homebuilders

One of the easiest ways to see the real-world effects of the new construction homes being built is by driving through the area. There are hundreds of new homes being built by well-known home builders like Divosta, DR-Horton, Groza, Emerald Homes, and others.

The biggest builders saw the forest through the tree’s years ago and predicted the enhanced economy and the demand for brand new construction homes. They bought thousands of lots in recent years, throughout St Lucie County. Now they can offer any of their new model homes, in different locations to buyers in Port St Lucie.

New home builder Divosta created Veranda Gardens, an upscale community in Port St Lucie. They feature resident-only amenities, and gated security entrances, plus a good selection of floorplans and options to choose from.

Are New Construction Homes Better Than Older Homes?

It depends on what’s important to you and what type of home you’re looking for. Obviously, someone looking for an old Colonial style home, that has old world charm, won’t appreciate new construction homes.

Most people do like brand new homes and will benefit from many things that older homes just can’t compete with like;

  • Everything is brand new and that’s a plus for most folks
  • Builder warranties that are typically 10 years, or more.
  • The newest construction materials and technology
  • New homes are built according to updated building codes for safety and quality
  • Some design choices like upgrades and options during construction
  • Builder incentives to buy their models


When looking to buy your first home, an investment property, or second home, buying new can give you many benefits over resales. Plus, the buyer incentives that new home builders are offering buyers in 2019, are considerable.

They can help you pay for additional options like upgraded flooring, granite counter tops, and more. Or, you can work the incentive programs into your financing in some cases to reduce the monthly mortgage amount, or buy a bigger, more expensive home for the same monthly payment.

You should always consult a licensed Realtor before making an offer on any new construction homes. They can prepare you for the total costs involved, show you where you may save money, and ensure you get the best all-around deal.

Melissa Thompson

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