Simple Steps to Follow When Conducting Online Voting Systems

Many brands now use online voting to decide on or develop products in line with user opinions and taste. There has been an increase in the number of online voting contests. Although online voting contests are a quick way to market the brand and gain viral reach, online voting contests are also susceptible to automated votes as there is no foolproof way to secure their authentication. Online voting contests are susceptible to vote influencing since anyone can vote on behalf of anyone by making use of some simple hacking techniques or fake accounts. To prevent suspicious activities during online contests, especially if someone decides to buy votes online, make use of the following strategies:

Ask for online social connections:

The most common cause of vote domination is the rapid creation of fake accounts and bots. Voters are willing to go to any extent to win rewards from online competitions. Users who can not afford to buy online votes resort to the creating fake accounts and bots which they deploy to generate more votes. In order to avoid this problem, ask voters to provide an additional social link before they can cast their vote. Doing so will eliminate many fake IDs and bots from the contest.

Pick the safest promotion strategy:

Promotion strategies which require tagging of different friends to attain rewards are the most dangerous and insecure. Voters can easily create a large number of fake IDs and add as many friends as they like. People who cannot buy votes can easily make use of these fake IDs to tag more friends from different accounts in a promotion contest just to win the reward. The safest promotion strategy requires both voter and tagged voter verification.

One vote per day per account:

Bots and spamming accounts often cast hundreds of votes from a single account on a single post. This is highly damaging to organic online voting contests. Ensure that only one vote per online account is cast each day. This will greatly reduce the chances of online cheating.

Email vote approval:

To verify the authenticity of the voter, send a vote approval link by asking the voter for their email IDs. Voters who click on this link for approval will be the only ones whose vote is approved. The rest will be filtered out easily.

Buy Online Votes

To avoid voting hassles, buy online votes from reliable and safe vote providers to test the system. Buy Votes Cheap is one such reliable provider. Make sure that the service provider does not use any bots and offers organic votes on the contests. This will not only help in the fair winning of the contest but also secure audience exposure.

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.