150 and Counting: What is the Canadian Industrial Research Assistance Program?

This year saw a surge in national pride and nostalgia as Canada celebrated it’s 150th anniversary as a country. Despite some controversy surrounding the event, there were many big events for Canada on July 1st, with the whole country coming together in celebrations. It was a great time to look back on Canada’s history in reflection of all that it has achieved. While still a very young country, Canada has had many great successes in the past century and a half since gaining independence from Britain. Together, all of these accomplishments have made Canada a wonderful country to live in.

Canada’s Innovations

Healthcare – While definitely not the only universal healthcare system in the world, Canada’s is well-respected and has been for decades. It has effectively cared for citizens of the country for the better part of a century, which only becomes more impressive upon remembering Canada’s age. Canadian health research facilities are continually striving to improve health care practices and have become world leaders in new medical technologies as a result. Currently many research labs, such as Internet of Things, are developing wearable devices which will assist in healthcare. These gadgets will assist in the monitoring and tracking of patient’s vitals and stats. They are perfect for observing health of high-risk patients, as well as those who are undergoing recovery of a surgery or procedure. They would also allow the doctor to have a more complete picture of the situation upon arrival, which will reduce wait times and better inform treatments. Many of these devices will be completely new practices, but they will also be used to improve upon current tools like prosthetics and wheelchairs. As the population ages, all of these wearables will become more prevalent in day-to-day life.

Space Exploration – This is the pinnacle of technological advancement to many people. Canada made its name in space exploration through its work on the International Space Station. We also have our own space program in development.

Finance – Canada has consistently had a stable economy for the majority of it’s history thanks to regulations in place, and there may be some new advancements on the horizon supporting this. Many people haven’t heard about Blockchain Technology but it is pioneering the next stage of banking. It is looking into how the online currency “bitcoins” could potentially benefit the Canadian economy. The idea behind bitcoins is that they will simplify internet-based purchases. It is the same currency regardless of nationality so it makes online transnational purchasing simpler. Ethereum is another new currency attracting international interest. The National Bank of Canada even recently became a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Their goal is to develop business applications surrounding the currency.

Renewable Energy – Canada has always liked to pride itself on its environmental policies. Currently there are over 1,000 Canadian companies developing the renewable and clean energy sector, constantly trying to find better technologies. They employ over 50,000 workers across the country. The true innovator behind all of this is the largest clean-tech fund in the world: The Sustainable Technology Development Canada. They started over 200 projects with the dream of creating a shift towards renewable energy sources. This is just one of the many projects within Canada that uses technology to better our carbon footprint. There is of course still a lot of progress to be made, but the government has also been working to modernize agriculture with automation. With better this technology in hand, the farmers will be able to increase yield while also reducing water consumption.

The Canadian Industrial Research Assistance Program

All of these innovations display the priority Canada places on the development of technology for the benefit of everyone. For close to 70 years the government itself has offered the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program in hopes to cultivate the science and technology community. They provide assistance to medium and small companies and start-ups with the hopes of advancing their innovations. This program runs across the country helping many individuals reach their goals while also benefitting Canada overall.

What This Means For You

The technology sector will only continue to grow in the coming years. As we become more technological, more positions will open up in the field. Industries will rely more on skilled professionals who are able to maintain the equipment. This pattern is already beginning, which is evidenced by more colleges offering electronic technician courses and other similar programs. Keeping up with technology is the best thing anyone can do for their future.

Melissa Thompson

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