Scientific Marketing Powerhouse KDM Communications Claims Top Honour

In a significant industry recognition, kdm communications has claimed the coveted South East Star Award of Excellence for Scientific Marketing Agency 2023. The award celebrates kdm’s unceasing commitment to innovation and exceptional service quality in the highly competitive scientific marketing landscape.

Founded in 1984, kdm communications carved a niche for itself in scientific, technical and medical marketing communications. Its ability to enhance brand awareness and generate leads for clients worldwide has earned it a solid reputation. This award shines a spotlight on kdm’s dynamic and flexible approach to industry trends, a strategy that helps clients maintain their edge in the fast-paced marketing arena.

At the heart of kdm’s success is a diverse team of professionals, boasting scientists, marketing experts, and creative designers. Their collective skills and knowledge enable the delivery of a truly unique service, grounded in deep scientific understanding. Equipped with an impressive range of language skills, this dedicated team operates across borders, ensuring consistent brand messaging for their global clientele.

Annabel Sedgwick, Managing Director of kdm communications, expressed her joy on receiving the accolade, stating, “This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, a principle our clients hold in high regard. Our team’s dedication, creative prowess, and scientific acumen have been instrumental in our success. We have embraced the power of digital marketing and new technologies over the past five years, and we’re excited about the future growth trajectory.”

Annabel Sedgwick, kdm communications MD. NewsBlaze edited image.
Annabel Sedgwick, kdm communications MD. NewsBlaze edited image.

About kdm communications

A Cambridge-based scientific marketing agency, kdm communications Ltd combines creative design and compelling content to deliver world-class outcomes for clients.

Housing a team of in-house scientists and drawing upon decades of marketing experience, kdm provides a unique blend of scientific understanding and marketing expertise. Recognised for its linguistic capabilities and global reach, kdm is Europe’s preferred scientific marketing agency. For more information, visit

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