Proof That Islam Could Benefit From “American Style Brand Management”

We want to prove to the Islamic world that Brand Management is essential to the growth of religion in modern day society. Brand management can repair tarnished reputations and protect images from degradation. And because of terrorism, historical events, and evil dictators, the Islamic world has become deeply tarnished and is in critical need of a makeover.

To prove that their reputation is not beyond rectifying, we have taken the name Prophet Muhammad. A name that is currently known in America to be one of the most controversial and in some ways the most despised names in American society.

And with all of the negativity that is related to this name it seems to be a name associated with a reputation that is beyond repair. This is why we chose this name to be a perfect project to prove the power for Brand Management and its ability through commercialization to redefine even the most defiled reputation.

Black Syientology pic.
Black Syientology pic.

First off, in Islam, it is against their beliefs to show their Prophet Muhammad in photographs, therefore he has no face and no voice. We feel this is a mistake but we respect their belief, but would like to offer a demonstration.

Through our Brand Management program we have given the name Prophet Muhammad a face and a voice. And by doing this we have made historical progress in changing the perception of the name and the negative associations.

See Our Version of Prophet Muhammad HERE

By giving this name a face and a voice, this figure becomes more “human” and more understandable and makes him seem more real, rather than an apparition. But out of respect for Islam’s belief we could not use their Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah so we created our own.

But to prove that brand management would work for their prophet, we used the name of our own Prophet Muhammad. Because by name association our prophet has undergone the same misinterpretation and degradation as the Islamic Prophet.

But then we began to commercialize the name, through comedy, film, art, fashion and music. The negative perceptions of the name began to dissipate and now the name Prophet Muhammad is becoming revered as a Celebrity Figure adored by millions of Americans.

This is a demonstration of the power of commercialization, and viewing religious figures as figures whose names are apart of a brand – which is the religion they represent. And as with all public or celebrity figures, their image must be managed, and religious figures are no different.

It is the same way the image of Jesus survives the ages through commercialization and brand management. In order for the Prophet of Islam to survive the ages to come, the leaders of Islam must submit to going Hollywood.

If it worked for our Prophet – It Can Work For Yours !

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Prophet King Nazir Muhammad
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