9 Successful And Effective Native Ad Example For 2021

Effective Native Ad Example

Over the years, native advertisement has successfully proved effective in reaching a global target audience.

Native advertisement includes ads that effortlessly fit into a wide variety of content.

This implies that this form of advertisement works effectively as it is still evidently in use!

Research shows that Native ads have a solid click-through rate (CTR) that’s fully 8.8 times higher than the usual display ads! How cool is that?

On one hand, some individuals are still concerned about how secure and effective native ads are but it is important to note that numbers definitely do not lie.

Top Native ad examples to look out for!

Native ads are confirmed to be more engaging, which in turn makes them very effective for advertising.

These ads fully generate more clicks and sales than any other forms of advertising.

Due to their effectiveness, a ton of companies and firms make use of native ads.

Some of these companies include:

  • American Comfort

American Comfort is a successful furniture company that specializes in superior quality materials.

These materials are paired with remarkably advanced technology to provide unbeatable products for their clients.

With the aid of native ads, American Comfort has continued to provide top notch services for each of their clients.

  • Adidas and MediaCom

Adidas is a successful, leading world-wide sportswear manufacturing company.

Adidas is a household name, especially in Israel. When there were technicalities with highlighting their BOOST technology, they turned to MediaCom.

MediaCom partnered with Adidas to create strategies, which include a video designed to inform and fully educate their audience on the BOOST technology.

  • Square Yards

If you’re looking for a company that deals with primary real estate, check out India’s most prominent, Square Yards.

This native ad example is a technology enabled real estate brokerage that promotes properties in Canada, The Gulf region, Australia and India.

  • Velasca

Velasca is a successful firm in the fashion industry. This firm solely deals in creating handcrafted, superior quality men’s footwear in Italy.

They’ve successfully kept their business in the limelight with the aid of native ads, a steady digital mindset and constant sales to a global audience.

native ad example robin toorians unsplash
A strange native ad example. Photo by Robin Toorians on Unsplash
  • Beko and Ingage Media

Ingage Media is a top digital marketing company. They provide digital marketing services to each client in various sectors.

Their team of digital strategy and digital asset management experts work to make this possible, thereby keeping their services effective for clients.

Beko, a global appliance firm is a client they’ve partnered with to help drive into the market a specific new product.

  • Vodafone

Vodafone is a solid part of one of the world’s paramount telecommunication companies, Vodafone Group.

Vodafone offers mobile, fixed, and content services to its clients. This fuels their aim to be pioneers in the aspect of digitalization technologies.

  • Renault

Renault, a global brand within the French owned car manufacturing company, Groupe Renault fully operates in 134 countries.

This company works on its international development in order to steadily meet up with the needs of customers in various markets.

  • 360 Realtors

360 Realtors, the largest real estate consulting firm in India is filled with experts willing to work with each of their clients.

They work to eradicate the stress and technicalities always associated with acquiring a landed property. Plus, they provide steady support throughout the entire process.

  • 99 acres

This company handles all the aspects of a client’s real estate needs. This involves full on advertisement, searching for properties.

It also includes building property microsites that go on to the real estate portal in India.


Native ads are perfect for reaching a global audience. This implies that their effectiveness can’t be overlooked.

Benjamin Ortiz

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