Were Videos of ‘Disabled Rapes’ Organized for a Specific Target Audience?

My hands shake as I type this. It’s only with the greatest difficulty that I’m able to cover this perverted case of the mysterious video-taped rapes of countless disabled women. I’m keeping lots of spiritually uplifting Indian music in the background to tranquilize me and temper the assault of disquieting data on my central nervous system. The fact that as many as ten men were involved in these rapes, and that they thought to record them for posterity, is a deviance I’m not able to wrap my fragile mind around just yet.

“It’s kind of taken a lot out of me, most of our cases are egregious in nature, but this one is particularly convoluted.” These are the words of detective Ron Anderson of the Special Victims Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. There are 11 of these DVDs and 100 hours of this decrepit footage to examine. It’s been Ron Anderson’s task to try and unravel this appalling grab-bag of video repugnance.

It was last March when they received these 11 grizzly DVDs, that were printed off of the hard drive of a random computer by an anonymous informant who was suppose to clean it up. This IT person had the good sense and conscience to save the foul footage on DVDs before destroying it for his client. The question arises, who was his client? Was he one of the ten suspects in the footage? Why was the footage stored on this one computer? That is, why was all of it culled together in one storage source?

Naturally, you wonder why this ‘client,’ who I heard may have been a crack addict, would let this computer slip into someone else’s hand. Then again, this crackhead may have been a generation or two away from the original source. This is likely, when you think about it. As such, it brings up the question, was this depraved public display of rape made available to a ‘select group’ for viewing?

In a Daily News article (Video shows sexual attacks on disabled victims) I read, just such a theory was put forth by detective Anderson. By this theory it was an organized bundle for distribution to ‘sick people’ for viewing. “It is possible that the video collection may have been circulated in online sex fetish networks, Anderson said.” This raises the question of whether someone put these special facility employees up to this, perhaps paying them money to perform these perverted acts.

This would make more sense to me, since it would be a motive, where they conspired with one another to produce these disgusting videos. It would make it a conspiracy also. In my mind, it’s already a conspiracy, since one of the suspects had to operate a hand-held camera, while the other mole did his thing. And how stupid were these jerks? Didn’t they think they’d get caught? Thankfully, one of these baboons is already in jail. Bert Hicks could probably unravel this entire scheme, if he wanted to, but he may well remain mum.

I just renewed the Indian music, don’t like the place where my thought patterns drift to. Don’t know how Ron Anderson can do it, but it must take a great amount of courage and a level of detachment that is inconceivable to me, so I must thank him for his work in making some progress in this case. It’s partially solved already, and with what they have so far, I believe it will be completely solved.

A few questions come to mind, and should be asked, since there still are so many unknowns about how these atrocities came about, and why they came about. One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind is how could one of these special facilities for the disabled have so many ‘rotten apples’ working for them? Do the administrators of these facilities, who do the hiring, do any kind of background check on these characters who must have been functioning as male nurses in these homes?

four suspects disabled rapes
Were these four suspects, who raped disabled women in special facilities, part of a vast conspiratorial ring that provided videos for a target audience of fetish sickos? The disturbing evidence points in this direction.

Another question that scorches me with a convincing conceivability, is the possibility that it is a cancer of ‘organized crime’? Just look how it was done repeatedly, and over several years, with the same MO used in every incident. The way it was filmed, as if for a target audience, brings chills down my spine. It’s as if it was a commissioned crime. Why else would 10 different shady characters work in unison with a sole purpose? They were being paid by an unknown party.

That’s my theory, anyway. Take it or leave it. I’m sure LA authorities are exploring this unsettling possibility. Wonder if this same bunch of footage is still embedded on some other computer. This would be a computer of a client. It would prove my theory as well. Shuttin’ down. Escape is natural. Criminals with no conscience. How could that be? Robotic perverts. Inconceivable, but true. Telephones in every nursing home in America ringing off the wall. Who’s safe, no one. I return to my Indian music. Thinking is poison sometimes.