The Importance of Hiring a Maritime Attorney for Injuries on the Water

An injury on the water could be more severe than an injury on the land. The law that applies to injuries on the water is different to an injury sustained on the land. Even for passengers or recreational boaters, they can’t receive the same compensation as someone who sustained an injury on the land. An attorney needs to be experienced with the maritime law to know the defenses available to the responsible parties.

As a worker, passenger, or recreational boater, compensation is available for injuries sustained on the water. Maritime law allows you to sue the party responsible. Hiring an experienced Jones Act and maritime attorney will help to obtain your entitled compensation. Pulaski Law Firm has decades of experience representing recreational boaters, passengers, and marine workers in federal and state courts around the country.

Maritime Attorney

Choosing the right attorney

When you want to draft a will, you look for an attorney who specializes in trusts and wills. The same applies to an injury sustained on the water. You need to hire a specialist in maritime law. An attorney who doesn’t specialize in maritime law doesn’t understand it well. As a person with no legal experience, you could find yourself in a much worse situation if you don’t hire an attorney. It could even be worse if the entity responsible for your injury is a corporation or business.

Remember that companies and businesses can hire a team of investigators and attorneys to prove the accident was your fault. A maritime attorney represents you if your boat crashes, injures someone, or causes damage. Your attorney acts as your custodian in the settlement negotiations or court. Hiring an experienced maritime lawyer ensures you receive fair treatment during legal proceedings.

Admiralty law has its set of standards for proving fault. It might be unseaworthiness under general maritime law or negligence under the Jones Act lawsuits. Workers who sustain injuries on the water are entitled to maintenance and cure. The party responsible may assert various defenses depending on the case facts such as:

  • The Primary Duty Rule
  • Limitation Liability
  • Comparative negligence

Filing a maritime injury claim

The best place to file a maritime case is in the federal court system. Be sure to hire an attorney familiar with the federal judiciary. To protect your rights as an injury victim, make sure your attorney is familiar with the maritime law.

The attorneys at Pulaski Law Firm have extensive experience in the federal court system across the United States. The attorneys ensure you receive a fair treatment during the legal process. The right attorney provides experienced legal assistance and can help you receive a fair judgment that protects your future. You could also get a settlement that covers all your medical expenses or a loss at trial. The Pulaski Law Firm has over 50 years of experience assisting those who sustain injuries on the water, and can discuss your case today.

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