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The Abraham Shakespeare Story: When Misfortune disguises herself as ‘Lady Luck’

Abraham Shakespeare
Abraham Shakespeare

The Abraham Shakespeare Story: When Misfortune disguises herself as ‘Lady Luck’!

Okay, here’s the scene. A down and out day laborer makes a quick stop at a mini-mart in Frostproof, Florida. He casually picks up a couple of Quick Pick Lotto tickets. The timeframe is November of 2006.

Abraham Shakespeare

As I see it, there are four main tiers to his disquieting biography. The first is that a very likeable guy wins a $30 million lottery jackpot; on the surface, it’s almost a miracle to behold! When you look at pics of Mister Shakespeare with his artist smock and the blown-up check-prize, you buy into his glaring fortune. A photo opt if I have ever seen one.

The second tier to this sad, sad apologue is the progressive whittling down of the money. Abraham had a big heart, and was very generous with his winnings. An ABC News article breaks it down for you, and this is of particular interest to me. Large chunks of cash seem to break off and melt like icebergs in icy Newfoundland waters.

Why didn’t Abraham see what was happening here, and get out of Dodge before he was ravaged by hungry wolves in the woodworks? These are aspects of the tragedy to this humbling account-a rags to riches story, then a boomerang return to a near destitute state, and finally, a complete elimination of poor Abraham from the face of the earth.

The third tier to these sordid mishaps is his sudden disappearance in April of 2009, and the chicaneries that went down, in terms of a woman trying to project an illusion that Abraham Shakespeare was still alive.

That is, there was the appearance that he had slipped away from the public limelight. This mirage of a living Abe Shakespeare was created and spun by one Dorice “DeeDee” Moore, 37, who has a company, American Medical Professionals.

The fourth tier to this would make a very good True Crime airport paperback book (And I do hope I will be the lucky author). The fact of the discovery of the body of Abraham last Friday, the 29th day of January, has not completely sunk into my feeble little skull yet.

The body had been buried under a concrete slab nearby an isolated house in Plant City, Florida. One of the last chapters of this can’t be put down paperback is the arrest of DeeDee Moore on Tuesday, February 2nd.

This is a very twisted, complex tale, so I’m simply suggesting for you a way to break down the narration into convenient component parts. I already have compiled a full file folder of articles that cover various angles to Mister Shakespeare’s misfortunes. I will say, however, one ‘deadly sin’ slivers like a slippery coral snake throughout all these accounts. The viper is GREED! A good amount of scamming or fraud shows its ugly face as well.

Where to begin…these are mere outlines today, kernels of thought to help you wrap your mind around this tale, with tentacles the size of a giant squid from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand leagues under the Sea.

The hero of our story is Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. Judd has been investigating the mysterious disappearance Abraham Shakespeare for quite some time. He was able to expose DeeDee’s scam through careful investigative work.

The body was discovered on this secluded Plant City, Fla. house, covered in palms

If I were to write this book, I would put the emphasis on Abraham’s character, not on the larcenous Moore. His mother, Elizabeth Walker, is a very nice and sympathetic woman, from what I’ve seen on TV. Elizabeth is a humble cafeteria worker, and deeply loved her son.

I’m certain that her grief must be voluminous for the loss of her son. Her anger towards Miss Moore must be rapacious and her wrath towards others who scammed her son out of his money must be insatiable.

“Abraham was good-hearted. He paid for other people’s funerals and he paid people’s electric bills for them. He paid people’s rent.” Shakespeare himself knew that people were bleeding him dry. He was wanting to escape from this trap. Other lottery winners have had the cards turn on them also.

After his trial, where a fellow delivery truck driver claimed that the winning ticket was really his, Shakespeare was fortunate one more time. That is, he won this court case. But Abraham was startin’ to long for his old, simple life back. “I really would like my old life back, where I could walk the streets like a normal person, without people coming and asking for money.”

When Abraham vanished off the face of the earth last April, people just thought that he had dropped out, or taken a tropical vacation of sorts. This was a fit for his MO. He was kind of an easy going type of guy, who preferred the simple life.

His hairdo even resembles that of a Rastafarian. Friends and family had hoped he was on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, soaking in sunbeams and sipping a cool beverage.

I believe that this is just the joker of a card that DeeDee Moore played, when she conceived a plot to cheat Shakespeare out of his already dwindling millions. Thus, she could go ahead and murder him with ease, and then promulgate a campaign that he had bailed out of society! This was the ace up her sleeve. And people bought into what she was dishing out, or they did at first, you must see.

Thanks to Sheriff Grady Judd, and some very smart undercover work, that was able to detect Moore’s evil deeds. I won’t tell you all of the ways that he was able to snag in a net this con. But one obvious implication of wrong doing comes by way of a moping, snarled criminal, who cinches her own visit to Florida’s death row.

Dorice whined these words to an ABC reporter, Andrea Canning, just a few days ago. “They are saying that I took a gun, put it up, and killed another human being, and I would never ever, ever do that.” Yea, right, DeeDee!

There never was any mention of a gun being used as the instrument of death by the authorities. How did DeeDee know it was gun, unless she was the one that perpetrated this crime? I believe that Judd has been thorough, and has put together a good case. The final chapters of our book will be this con artist of a femme fatale’s trial and her final conviction for first degree murder.

There’s a V-8 engine in this Mustang of a murder mystery! There’s a moral here as well. Money is the root of all evil. Never have I believed this to be anymore true. We must rewind this tape and study every angle of this twisted tale.

I really like this Abraham man, from what I’ve seen of him. He seemed like a proper Christian, a good man who fell into a misbegotten fate. Herein lies its tragic cause. Good shadowed by evil. Indeed, a scary scenario!

I don’t play the lottery. Don’t even care to. I want to live. If it’s in poverty, I don’t really care. At least I’ll still be breathing! It’s a known fact that before Abraham ‘won’ the lottery, he had joined a church and was baptized.

His best friend, Samuel Jones, sadly saw this whole tragedy unfold before his eyes, and could have foretold its ominous finale. Jones said, “When he won the lottery, he forgot about being saved.

Two ABC News links for you, both with excellent videos!

Cops See Foul Play in Lotto Winner’s Disappearance-by Jeffrey Kofman-Jan. 25, 2009

Abraham Shakespeare Murder: Police Say Suspect Incriminated Herself-by Andrea Canning, Sarah Netter and Dean Schabner-Feb. 4, 2010

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