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Teens Texted For Marijuana But Reached The Wrong ‘Hook-Up’

Two Montana teens, 15 and 16-year old boys, texted looking for marijuana but reached the wrong “hook-up.” The two texted the local sheriff by mistake, and he texted back. They tapped an incorrect number.

“Hey dawg, do you have 20 i can buy right now?” The teens texted Louis and Clark County, Montana, Sheriff Leo Dutton on August 25. At first, Dutton explained that he “thought it was a joke” but decided to continue the conversation by texting, “how much we talking?”

“I need 20 right now do you have any?” It’s reported the teens texted back, not knowing they were texting the chief law enforcement officer in the area.

Dutton said he gave the case to a narcotics officer who made a date to meet the teens later in the day.

The parents of the teens took swift action, which was a big part in the decision not to charge the teens, Dutton continued. He didn’t give specific parental punishment.

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