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Rockin it up in Folsom – Manufacturing Narcotics in Our Streets

kevin lamar nash
kevin lamar nash

On Swinton Way in Folsom, the only rocks residents usually see are in their flower beds. On Wednesday however, Swinton Drive homeowners were shocked to see the Folsom Police SWAT team serving a search warrant in the 1800 block. In fact, they were even more surprised at what narcotics investigators say they found.

After serving simultaneous search warrants in Folsom, at a home on 38th Avenue in Sacramento, and on a suspect whose vehicle was stopped on Power Inn Road, investigators from the Sacramento Sheriff’s narcotics, Sacramento and Folsom police departments, the DEA, and Sacramento County Probation say they located 20 ounces of Rock Cocaine.

Kevin Lamar Nash

The lead investigator said the Folsom home was being used by Kevin Lamar Nash, 35, of Sacramento, to covert Cocaine Hydrochloride (powder cocaine) into more valuable Rock Cocaine. A half pound of the recently converted drug was located at the residence on Swinton Drive. An additional two ounces were located in Nash’s possession at the time of his arrest and two more ounces were also recovered. The drugs have a street value of $56,000.

Nash was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of possessing rock cocaine for sale, transportation of controlled substances, and manufacturing rock cocaine. He is being held in lieu of $300,000. In addition to Nash’s bail, an enhancement was added requiring he prove the source of his bail funds.

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