Lawyers Help Drivers Navigate Maryland’s Complex Car Accident Laws

Traffic accidents occur with far too great frequency in the United States. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were 35,092 lives lost in fatal crashes in the country in 2015. The figure was up from 2014’s tally of 32,675 vehicle accident deaths.

In 2015, there were 472 crashes resulting in 512 deaths in Maryland. That represents an increase from 416 fatal crashes and 442 deaths in the previous year. In addition to the most serious types of vehicle accidents that result in the loss of human life, many more non-fatal accidents occur each year. In the five years from 2009 to 2013, the average number of injury crashes in Maryland was 30,617.

The average property damage crashes over that same period was 60,955. In all cases, vehicle crashes and other accidents can result in situations in which drivers may be liable for damages depending on a variety of factors. While generally having vehicle insurance can help, in many cases, it is necessary to have legal representation.
Car Accident Lawyer

Maryland law covering vehicle accidents can be quite complex. A great many variables can determine which laws apply to specific cases. In such cases where the driver has no insurance or where there are matters that are in dispute, a car accident lawyer Maryland may be the only reasonable solution that will ensure the driver’s rights are secure.

Experienced attorneys can examine all the evidence in the case and, after careful consideration; they can determine how much the case may be worth in terms of potential damages that the lawyers can collect on behalf of the client. In this way, a person involved in an accident can decide whether it would be worthwhile to pursue the legal option. If the potential damages will not cover the costs of the trial, then it may not make sense to take this route.

Attorneys with experience in this field can also inform the client about the length of the case, which is another factor important in deciding whether to take legal action. In some cases, if a person waits too long, they may exceed the statute of limitations in filing a case. Lawyers can help their clients avoid pitfalls that can jeopardize their chances of pursuing a successful court case.

Even in accidents in which a person is clearly not at fault, it is still preferable to consult a lawyer about the case. The law can often become a matter of technicalities and it is unwise for people without experience to represent themselves. Small mistakes in procedures or misunderstanding of laws can result in failure to achieve a court victory.

Experienced lawyers can represent clients to ensure that they receive the maximum settlement available depending on the circumstances of the accident. They can also defend against accusations made against their clients by the opposing party. The damages can include payment of any medical bills associated with crash along with repair or replacement of the vehicle involved. Professional help maximizes one’s chances for success.