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Judge Yafee and Richard Fine; Judicial Abuses; Mortgage Crisis

What Judge Yaffe has done to Richard Fine is personally troubling.

I know firsthand how despicably some judges can behave. For years I have maintained the www.lawgrace.org website which describes Judicial Collusion and horrendous abuses of power.

Among things depicted on that site, are facts and proof of judicial persecution because of opposing false proceedings, filed in courts through use of the identities of DEFUNCT mortgage companies. [Although it is not lawful / not possible to COMMENCE a lawsuit naming a non-existent plaintiff (or having no real interest), the judges inflict TORTUROUS CONSEQUENCES upon people who oppose fraudulent judicial proceedings – as the aim is to abet (companies like Wells Fargo’s) IRS and Securities frauds! ]

I am sickened to learn how long Mr. Fine has been wrongly sitting in prison, as well as appalled because judges like Yaffe, and those named on my website are the primary reason why people without means to afford lawyers are less likely to obtain representation.

I pray that Mr. Fine’s situation can serve to become a crushing blow to judicial wrongdoings, as public awareness becomes heightened to the point of Outrage that compels Capital Hill to implement Definitive Judicial Overhaul and Reforms for all court systems!

To reiterate, judicial depravity has become as great a reason for national concern as foreign terrorism.

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