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George Huguely’s History of Crime and Blackouts-‘Nobody Knew Anything’?

Yeardley Love an angel
Yeardley Love an angel

A neighbor of George Huguely recently said, “That wasn’t George that night, which was somebody that had taken over.” Indeed, a possessed young man, not in his right mind whatsoever enters an unlocked apartment, kicks in the door, punching a hole all the way through the door with his foot, then proceeds to beat a young woman to death with his bare fists. Once again, he has little memory of what he did.

I think it’s fair to assume that George Huguely was in an intoxicated blackout condition on the night of Sunday, May 2, 2010. He had been drinking constantly the entire day. An incident, an altercation with Yeardley Love has occurred earlier in the day, at a restaurant, Boylan Heights. Witnesses saw Huguely breaking beer bottles that night also.

What we are seeing, as more facts come forward, is a whole series of behaviors associated with this ‘entitled lacrosse athlete’ that are fundamentally criminal in nature. If there was only one incident, such as a PI for example, we could write it off as an outlier, a fluke. But the truth is that George Huguely stalks women, harasses women, assaults men and women, and worst of all, is a chronic binge drinker who would black out and could and actually did morph into a homicidal maniac!

Part of the problem is that nobody saw anything, or heard anything, or maybe only saw a fraction of his deviant behavior. Or were these young people possibly just looking the other way? Maybe they simply wanted to protect the name and image of the University of Virginia and its esteemed lacrosse teams? But another possibility is that they were afraid of a bully who would intimidate a bully who was 6’2″ and weighed 209 pounds? A creep who would use violence, especially when he was drinking, which was frequently.

Nobody reported Huguely to the campus police. He existed inside his own protective bubble (or shield) and forged his own private ‘Reign of terror’. I’m anxious to see these harassing emails and text messages he was sending to Yeardley, if and when they are made public. She must have kept these dark secrets to herself, but surely others were aware of this stalking and harassment? How could they have not known?

List the known infractions for yourself: 1. the incident with Officer Rebecca Moss, which resulted in a conviction for public intoxication and resisting arrest, was most egregious. Assault felony charges should have been obtained. 2. A reckless driving charge from September 2007. 3. Possession of alcohol as a minor in November 2007. 4. An altercation on a yacht with his dad in 2008-little is known about this incident?

(Continue with infraction check list) 5. Hayley Peterson with the Washington Examiner uncovered a new one, Huguely attacked a teammate in his own bed and beat his face to a bloody pulp. This was not reported, and obviously comprises several felonies (breaking and entering and physical assault). 6. Huguely had apparently assaulted Yeardley two months prior to the murder. This caused the breakup and George was certainly in a blackout state for this one too, he had no memory of it. There may be others that will emerge in the coming days. These crimes were so carefully covered up!

Yeardley Love dressed as an angel when she was a little girl. Why did such a lovely girl as Yeardley have to meet up with a monster such as George Huguely anyway? Only the Good Die Young, as the Billy Joel song goes. Why were others so silent?

Such is the way that tragedies unfold. Shakespeare chronicled human nature exquisitely 500 years ago. Not much has changed since then, except perhaps now we have the internet, laptops and smart phones. A sequence of vial circumstance adds up to conceivable intervention, but none ever occurred. The final and ultimate crime of murder occurred within the context of ‘implied social protection’ for a disgusting serial criminal disguised as a pristine pampered elite athlete. Nothing will change.

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