Charges Expected In Early June Buffalo Automobile Accident

No one wants to be in an automobile accident, but should the worst occur it’s important you be prepared. Earlier in the month, there was an accident at the crossway between New York State Route 33 and 198 (or Kensington Avenue and the Scajaquada Expressway). Only one vehicle was involved, but the driver struck several barriers and crossed toward oncoming traffic before he finally came to a stop. He is 36 and investigators expect charges to be levied by Buffalo prosecutors.

Don’t let this happen to you.

If you’re in an accident and you expect to be prosecuted, don’t let the legal system swallow you whole. In certain instances, you can be taken advantage of by overzealous prosecutors who simply want to strike one off in the “win” column, and you deserve an equally vigorous defense attorney to protect you from undue charges and fines. Buffalo accident lawyers are always on hand to help, and you should take advantage of free consultations to find the right one for you. No matter what you do, make sure whomever you pick is experienced and accomplished.

If other vehicles were involved in your accident, then what you do next depends on injuries sustained. If you’re not hurt, then be sure to document everything that happened in a personal log. Exchange insurance information with other drivers involved in the accident, and photograph everything you can. Be sure to get a full accounting of the damage done and any injuries that may have been sustained on the other side. If police investigators or insurance companies find you were at fault and caused the accident, then your lawyer will need as much information as possible in order to defend you to the best of his or her ability.

That said, be sure to call the police in order to make sure that there is a full report of the accident. Even so, be aware that whatever you say will go on the record–and therefore it’s often best to tell the police as little as possible. Do not take the blame for anything because even you might not know all the factors that caused the accident. If you believe yourself at fault, then keep it to yourself until you speak to a lawyer, who will ultimately guide your interactions with police.

After your accident, be sure to visit your primary care provider in order to get a full evaluation. We don’t always realize how badly we’re hurt in automobile accidents until weeks later, and by then you might have sustained permanent damage. Get checked out right away, and keep a log of any injuries incurred. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings throughout the process, and make sure that you have a file of any bills you get hit with. If you deserve compensation because of any physical or emotional trauma sustained, then your legal counsel will help you get it as fast as possible.

Take pictures of your injuries as well, and document how long it took for them to heal. This information can be used by your lawyers when communicating with police investigators and insurance companies, and your lawyer will know exactly which information is appropriate to share at what time.

Automobile accident. Image by Andy Kreyche from Pixabay
Automobile Accident. Image by Andy Kreyche from Pixabay
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