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Are There Any Revealing Clues in The McStay Home Videos?

It is only with great difficulty that I’ve been able to watch the home videos of the McStay family. The family of four has been missing since Feb. 4th. Whereas before it was just another missing persons’ case, now after watching the video it is becoming something quite personal. The video was shot on September 15, 2009 and shows the McStay family driving down the road to visit their prospective new home.

As they meander down the winding two lane road, San Diego County’s I-15, Joseph jokes a bit and enjoys the beautiful mountain terrain. Joseph seems inspired by the neighborhood and his creativity spills out. He jokes: “Growers, fruits, flowers, tangerines, strawberries.” Summer voices some concern about things when she sees a truck stop fairly close to the house. Summer does not seem quite as sold on this location, as quite as convinced that this is such a nice neighborhood.

The family makes a left turn and drives into the serene cul-de-sac in Bonsall, California. The homes are brand new and the Mountain View from the street is quite gorgeous. You vicariously sense the McStays’ have found their dream house as the white Isuzu Trooper pulls into the driveway. This is a two story, five bedroom, three bath house that is priced at $300,000. A dream house if I ever saw one!

The second half of the video, Avocado Road Prop, is a tour of the interior of the house. Joseph shows his knowledge of interior decorating when he says he will tear out one wall and will put hard wood floors in the kitchen and living room. Also, he says he will put granite countertops in the kitchen and replace the cabinets too. He is impressed with the house though, and he marvels at how large the master bedroom is.

There are several other videos that you can watch. One is of Summer playing with the two dogs, Bear and Digger. This one has a date of 2010, Jan. 23, and is only a month old. These are such ordinary family videos, nothing seems wrong or out of place. Another one is of San Clemente, Ca., on New Year’s Eve of 2007. It just shows Summer riding her bike with a baby and the family walking a path down on the beach.

I watched these videos to see if there was anything unusual or that didn’t fit in. The only thing that was a little odd is that Summer seemed a bit reluctant to move to San Diego. Not that you would necessarily need to red flag this, but I still wonder why they really felt a need to move out of San Clemente. Did they experience some kind of threat? Your imagination can play games with you when you think on this.

At one point in Avo 1 Summer says: “I can’t do this.” Joseph responds: “This is beautiful.” Not that you should read too much into this, but indeed, it’s a little odd. It doesn’t quite fit. I’m including a photo here that I took of the 1996 white Isuzu Trooper, when parked in front of 3473 Avocado Vista Lane. This is the vehicle that was left abandoned down on the Mexican border in San Ysidro. The car was towed on Feb. 8th after no one returned to drive it off a lot.

Please watch the McStay home videos and judge for yourself. To me they are wholly innocent and free of any portending signs, but I could have overlooked something. I’m sure detectives are playing these videos themselves, trying to find the missing piece of this puzzle. The videos were so ordinary, that it immediately raises suspicions. But I don’t know why exactly?

With each viewing of these videos I now feel as if I know the family well and am even more curious about their whereabouts? The details of the story are ever closer in my grip? Not that I can see into a crystal ball, but vague scenarios play past my eyes. Know that whoever is behind their disappearance must have a motive that is so insane; we’ll never be able to understand? Irrationality, that is all!

Home video of the McStays: Avocado Road Prop

Other McStay videos. Joseph signs the name JBMcStay for his videos.

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