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4 Different Types Of Lawyers An Individual Could Need and How They Help


People often confuse an attorney in one specialty as a person that can help regardless of the legal issue. This could not be further from the truth as different areas of law require vastly different knowledge. Even a San Diego probate lawyer has different knowledge than a probate lawyer in Florida due to state laws having differences both major and minor. Understand what certain types of attorneys can help with can make the search for the right type of lawyer when in crisis far easier. The following are types of attorneys that a person can reach out to in their time of need.

Estate Attorney

The passing away of a family member is stressful for a variety of reasons. Setting up a funeral as well as travel arrangements for family are both very important. The area of contention for many of these situations is the delegation of assets of the person who has passed away. The will can help clear up many of these disagreements but often times certain assets are not mentioned in the will. Dividing these things up fairly and in accordance with the law will take an estate or probate attorney. This attorney can also act as messenger if a family is divided or there have been disputes in the past that still linger.

Criminal Law Attorney

Finding the right criminal law attorney can mean the difference between spending life in the free world versus prison. The first thing a person accused of a crime must do is refuse to give any information that could incriminate them. If they have done this then this sets the criminal defense attorney up for success in many cases as police often times try to make a case before the accused has asked for legal representation. A person should ask for trial results as well as plea bargains the lawyer has received for other clients in similar situations. Allowing an overworked public defender handle the case could be gambling with their individual freedoms. Criminal attorneys that have worked in the field in a specific area for a decent amount of time could have a great relationship with prosecutors so asking for local experience is also wise.

Personal Injury Attorney

Most people do not think that they will need a personal injury attorney in their lifetime but accidents do happen to people in all walks of life. Personal injury law firms could specialize in a variety of areas including car accidents, slip and falls, product liability, and even aviation accidents. These law firms understand the legal process as well as have experience filing certain paperwork before deadlines that are prevalent in many injury related cases. Asking for trial results in these cases is also important as some law firms do not go to trial but rather work for a settlement every time. Insurance companies realize this and this could impact a settlement by the offer being lower than if the firm was known to take cases all the way to trial.

Divorce/Family Law Attorney

Divorce and family law attorneys deal with some of the most sensitive cases possible. While some divorces can be amicable and a custody agreement reached privately, other divorces get ugly as one party does not want to be divorced. The one thing to remember is there is no such thing as “winning” a divorce if children are involved. The children could see one parent putting their financial influence to ruin the quality of life for another parent which is unfair for everyone involved. Reach out to divorce attorneys to consult with them as evidence of infidelity, substance abuse, or mental abuse can be documented which can be used later in court.

Regardless of the type of attorney a person might need, the first step is a quick search on the internet if no personal references are available. Attorneys can make life easier to those that need help as well as reassurance things will turn out favorably.

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