Summer 2018 is Coming, Yeti Cooler Wheels Make Outdoor Entertainment Fun

There is nothing more inconvenient and clumsy than trying to compress everything into one cooler. Loading everything into one ice chest without wheels can be even more difficult to transport.

Regardless of the frequency the cooler is being used, no one wants to remain stranded in the middle of the way. Dragging a cooler everywhere can be a strenuous task. Fortunately, there are now wheeled coolers that have made transportation easier. Here are the top Yeti Wheels Coolers that can be found easily in 2018:

  • Rambler X2

The wheels and balance provided by Rambler X2 is exceptional. It is one of the most durable options in the market. Since dragging a cooler though terrain has never been easier, the size of these wheels takes care of this concern. It also features a switch grip handle that reduces the strain on the back, making it easier to transport the cooler with less effort.

This is one of the best options, but the wheels might get a bit corroded. However, this issue can be solved by applying grease.

  • Badger wheels combo

The two axle mechanism iof the badger wheel combo makes movement smoother. It increases mobility and makes maneuvering easier. The wheels on this product are heavy duty.

The material used to make this cooler is corrosion resistant making it a strong option. The badger is adjustable and has enough storage to carry many drinks and beverages. This makes it a much more convenient option than other coolers.

  • Mighty max cart flatbed yard cart

Stainless steel is without a doubt a good option but what about rubber? Mighty max features rubber wheels. There is no chance of the wheels getting rusty so there are no issues of exposing it to water.

It can carry up to 400 pounds and itself weighs around 20 pounds. The rubber wheels are highly durable and can be used on all kind of terrain. The rubber material makes it easier to maintain as well.

  • Cooler cart ice chest box carrier wagon

This cooler comes with coloured wheels. The flatbed is adjustable. It even features extra accessories such as a tool rack attack which means that items such as a fishing rod can be stored as well making it a great deal for some buyers. The cooler can be folded easily to take it anywhere. The cart can carry up to 400 pounds.

The bottom line

A Yeti cooler with wheels is absolutely recommended for people who carry heavier items. Since most companies do not integrate wheels with their coolers, these are some of the best options one can take into account when deciding on a purchase.

The advantage of having this kind of cooler is that they are wheeled. It saves a lot of stress while increasing mobility. Even the hardest terrain is not a challenge, making this list the best options to consider.

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