The US Vaporizer Market Continues to Grow


When vaping first became popular a few years ago, many believed that it was nothing more than a short-term trend. Marketing experts saw vaping as a seasonal thing being made popular by youths, celebrities and a strong marketing campaign. As we get closer to the end of 2016, however, it is more apparent that vaping is here to stay.

Recent studies reveal that the US vaporizer market continues to grow. IBISWorld, a well-known research firm, predicted an increase to a whopping $13 billion by 2020. But what makes vaping and the vaporizer market so popular?

Part of a Lifestyle

Vaping has become a part of a lifestyle for many. The health benefits offered by electronic cigarettes paired with the decreasing prices of high-end vaporizers and supporting products make vaping a widely accepted thing to do. People from different demographics are turning to electronic vaporizers for a number of reasons.

Vape shops are offering a wider selection of devices for customers to choose from. There are now vaporizers that are smaller than a pen for those who want to keep things practical. There are also advanced kits, mods and even tools to help vaporizer users create a vaping experience that suits them perfectly.

The same can be said for vaping liquids. The more variety we now see on the market simply means there is always a vaping liquid to try regardless of a customer’s personal preferences and taste. Pair that with the fact that the market is now more regulated, and we have a series of triggers that boost the vaporizer market to new heights.

US vaporizer market grows.Better Safety and Regulations

One of the biggest things hampering the growth of the vaporizer market was lack of safety measures and proper regulations. Back in 2008, the market was flooded by Chinese products that were not always safe nor did they offer the high-quality experience of higher-end products.

Today, however, new regulations are being introduced and manufacturers – especially US-based companies – are complying with these regulations faster than ever. As a result, vaping liquids are now safer and customers can rest assured knowing that they’re getting a clear list of ingredients and accurate information.

Of course, the market is also offering better warranty coverage and additional services. All of these factors are benefiting customers.

Community-Based Marketing

What’s interesting about the growth of the vaporizer market in the US is the community behind it. It is uncommon for products in this category to have communities of users supporting each other, but that is certainly the case with vaporizers.

These communities are doing so much more about the products and the lifestyle than any brand could. We now have people trying the coolest vaping tricks, similar to the way Zippo tricks are popular among users. There are also plenty of online resources and websites specializing in vaping and the lifestyle around it.

It is safe to say that the market will continue to grow. Brands and retailers are gearing up for an even more exciting 2017.

Boris Dzhingarov is a business writer who investigates issues to craft great stories that readers love.