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Taylor Swift Settles Lucky 13 Legal Battle

taylor swift
taylor swift

Pop music icon, Taylor Swift, has settled an 18-month long legal dispute arising from her use of the title “Lucky 13” on several merchandise and marketing endeavors.

The exact terms of the settlement are not known. However, Swift will no longer have to undergo trial.

Last year in May, a clothing company by the name of Blue Sphere filed a lawsuit against Swift claiming that her use of the term “Lucky 13” was an infringement of its trademark on the term. The tagline referred to Swift’s favorite number and her birth date.

Blue Sphere has held a trademark over the term “Lucky 13” since 1991. The company filed a lawsuit after Swift released her own clothing line with Lucky 13 written on the shirts.

Swift had also partnered with American Greetings Corporation for marketing her range of Lucky 13 greeting cards. The lawsuit alleges that Swift’s marketing confuses the target audience and is harmful to the reputation of the Blue Sphere brand.

Taylor Swift

In an affidavit, Swift said that she had absolutely no knowledge regarding “the design, marketing, advertising, distribution and sale of the accused T-shirt.”

Blue Sphere argued that her claims of ignorance are “not credible.”

Blue Sphere bombarded Swift with demands for documentation. The company asked for videos and pictures in which Swift’s bottoms or breasts were at least partially visible. The company argued that Swift might have used her sex appeal to market her products on sites like Fabletics, targeting an audience similar to Blue Sphere’s.

Swift’s legal team deemed these demands as harassment. Blue Sphere also put forward document requests to firms Swift had partnered with in the past couple of years including Coca-Cola, Toyota and Elizabeth Arden.

However, the Lucky 13 settlement doesn’t mark an end to Swift’s legal troubles. In October, TMZ reported that Swift is getting sued over her super hit single “Shake It Off.”

Singer Jessie Braham is seeking $42 million in damages claiming that Swift copied a large part of her song from Braham’s “Haters Gone Hate.”

Swift is also involved in another dispute with DJ David Mueller who allegedly grabbed her bottom during a meet-and-greet event in Colorado.

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