Promoting The Right Way

If you want to know about needing a license for promotions you don’t necessarily need one, but you do however need a business card to represent who you are and that’s without a doubt.

I’ve been a promoter for five years now and I’ve learned the dos’ & don’t’ of the business and the ins and outs of it all. I’ve also promoted many parties and people as well and have the hottest contacts in town all of the resources to do it. But, when it comes to the entertainment business and promotions, there are things that you have to look out for and even look forward to cause when it comes to promoting. There’s so many ways that you can do it without a license as well as posting your events online by signing up for an events page and the passing of the flyers in order to spread that word about the event.

However, promotions has its ups and downs for the simple fact that it’s a shady business and most are in it for themselves. Everybody wants a piece of the pie. Some just wanna have their cake and eat it too and that just doesn’t apply to relationships. It applies to promotions as well because it’s really a cut throat business so you’d might want to get your money up front.

First off, every and anyone who’s ever been in the promotional business knows that your office is your business card and cell phone. So, without those two accessories, you won’t be in business. Of course, you’ll need an email address, a facebook, a twitter account, and a google docs account. And if you’re an excellent publicist such as myself, you’ll need to have a press release account so that you can write those press releases. In this way, the person or party that you’re promoting will get an instant hit. And of course, you can’t forget about signing up for a promoters page. You can really do your thing and show your skills. Then, everyone will want to work with you all because that word spread like wildfire as well as your name ringing bells cause once you’re a great promoter. Everyone will want your services from the tri state area down to the out of state area.

But if you want to know the dos and the donts of promotions here are the dos and the donts of promoting, take heed:

-Do promote the right and positive way

-Do spread the word like wildfire in order for your promotions to work such as online, ad areas such as craig’s list, event pages and do write press releases.

-Do get your money up front with no ifs, ands or butts about it so that way no one will get comfortable enough with you to just deny you of what belongs to you and do carry your business cards with you at all times cause you’ll never know if you’ll meet one of those top dogs that’s willing to take you under the wing and bring you far from where you started and of course keep a constant line of communication with the VIP people that you meet in the industry.

-Do dress the part for every occasion cause you know that your look will sell the brand and will keep people coming back for more and have them saying, who’s that.

-Don’t run your mouth to everyone in the world because no one wants a sad, sad soul on their team who just brings problems to the table, so you’d want to separate your personal from your business. It’s no one’s business and you don’t owe anyone an explanation of your daily life and not everyone needs to know what goes on in your private life because, remember your mouth can be your biggest enemy.

-Don’t mix business with pleasure cause believe it or not, sex and seduction does change it all especially if it involves your money cause once you mix it, people no longer wants to work with you, so keep it in your pants.

-Don’t mess around with a business partner no matter how much they say, you’re hot like fire cause it will change everything about your business, believe it or not.

So, there you have it. When it comes to promotions which you don’t really need a license to practice but it does take a heck of alot of skills to do the job in order for it to be a successful one. It is important to take note of the dos and the donts and the ins and the outs of it all which really isn’t too hard. All you have to do is follow this and get the proper materials to get it going on and you won’t fail and of course, you can’t forget tons of work. To be a great promoter, it takes alot of dedication, sleepless nights and tons of coffee drinking in order to stay up and of course, build your credibility and your name so that way people know who you are.