Novatel Wireless Showcases Full Line Mobile Computing in San Diego

Novatel Wireless, Inc., a provider of wireless broadband solutions, will be showcasing its full line of ExpediteA and Enabler mobile computing together with its M2M embedded modules at CTIA E&A in San Diego from October 11-13, 2011.

Novatel Wireless presents its intelligent embedded module portfolio under the theme, “Internet of Things” with innovative partners. It will be highlighting how an inter-connected world and intelligent devices can improve processes and enhance quality of life.

Novatel Wireless brings together the intelligent meshing of people, machines and information that underlies the Internet of Things,” says Rob Hadley, CMO of Novatel Wireless. “Combining our services experience and vast portfolio of Expedite embedded modules and Enabler suite lets us to target a multitude of new OEMs, verticals and M2M markets.”

Novatel Wireless will be featuring VGo Communications Inc., a provider of robotic telepresence that develops and markets visual communications solutions for the workplace, as a technology partner bringing true innovation to life. VGo will be demonstrating a prototype VGo with the integrated Novatel Wireless Expedite E362 PCI Express Mini Card for LTE connectivity.

With the VGo solution, your presence is replicated in a distant location such that you can interact and perform the task at hand in ways not previously possible. Now you can see, be seen, hear, be heard and move around in any remote facility just as if you were there. VGo is enabling businesses to increase productivity of remote and travelling employees, healthcare providers to deliver lower cost services and improved quality of care, and homebound students to attend school – all with a great user experience.

“VGo’s mobility and services expand infinitely with 4G LTE connectivity and this is a key success factor for adding innovative functionalities to our VGo robot,” says Tim Root, VGo’s co-founder and VP of Development. “Novatel Wireless has been a great partner delivering industry-first, carrier approved LTE modules – accelerating time-to-market and ensuring we maintain our sleek, cool design by invisibly integrating the Expedite E362 module.”

Another partner showcased in the Novatel Wireless booth is Consert, Inc. with its smart energy grid solution. The Novatel Wireless’ Expedite E396 PCI Express Mini Card for 3G has been integrated into the Consert Virtual Peak Plant(SM) (VPP) Solution. It is designed to create a more reliable electric grid by offering real-time, integrated load management through the pairing of utility and consumer offerings.

Novatel Wireless’ embedded module portfolio spans 2G, 3G and 4G technologies covering all mainstream air-interfaces. As a provider of intelligent mobile broadband and smart M2M solutions, Novatel Wireless has longstanding tier-one carrier and OEM relationships that offers design, integration and certification expertise to meet its partners’ connectivity needs.

The Expedite embedded module product line consists of LGAs and PCIe Mini Cards that are optimized for power efficiency, thermal performance and weight. Its additional key features include Novatel Wireless’ Connection Manager, Mobilink 3, that supports Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac. It has a rich set of APIs that is also available to developers through the software development kit.

The Enabler series of embedded modules is based on 2G and 3G low power platforms and delivers small size and industry-leading performance, driving the essential capabilities, mobile connectivity and device intelligence needed for today’s demanding design-in and OEM markets. The Enabler III and HS platforms are part of Novatel Wireless’ intelligent device offering. It features a small package that performs well and is flexible with a simple migration path as you move between air interfaces.

It is coupled with N4A Communications and Management software, devices can be provisioned, monitored and reconfigured remotely, almost anywhere in the world.