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Marketing Tips 101: How Content Marketing Benefit Small Businesses

content marketing
content marketing

By Clarence Walker, Newsblaze Business Writer

Small Businesses need large sales within the first year or two after starting out. Having a solid customer base to pull in steady sales is vital to survival. The downside for Small Businesses is due to the fact of not having an expansive customer base like larger companies which means entrepreneurs have to roll up their sleeves and work many times harder to generate customer sales.

To fill this huge gap, there’s an Avenue to stroll down. It’s called Content Marketing. Content marketing is undoubtedly the most effective and successful way a business owner can reel in large lucrative sales – but of course, only if you know how to market content.

With consumers using social media at lightning speed, they can instantly shape the opinions of their connected peers with a single “tweet or review.”

It doesn’t matter if you own a brick-and mortar business or an online store, content marketing can give more “bang” for all your sweat and hard work to get the customers who need what you sell.

Driving Demand

Content drives demand for products and services. Think of the millions of sales with the release of Apple’s smartphones. Or how about new Jordans tennis shoes. It’s all about advertising, getting the message out.

“The more you blog, the more business you get,” says Hubspot writer Tammie Egloff.

“Consumers decide to buy or not buy based on the content of your advertising, not its form,” marketing expert David Ogilvy said, explaining consumer habits.

Here’s something important also. If you are a hi-tech entrepreneur highly knowledgeable about SEO, content marketing is like a breezy walk in the park.

Evolving technology has continued to expand over the last decade at unprecedented levels of influence upon consumers, and the world we live in altogether.

Social Engagement

According to Hubspot, people online will spend at least “one minute out of every eight” on a Facebook page, while active Twitter users create 90 millions tweets every day.

Social media-based content marketing works by keeping your fan base and followers updated about your latest deals, discounts, latest trends in your industry and special offerings.

Social media is big, very big. So are you willing to learn what it takes to use content marketing to advertise your brand and win long term customers?

The Gigya website shows a number of ways user-generated content benefits brands and consumers according to Social Media Today: [Gigya]


As an analyst and researcher for the PI industry and a business consultant, Clarence Walker is a veteran writer, crime reporter and investigative journalist. He began his writing career with New York-based True Crime Magazines in Houston Texas in 1983, publishing more than 300 feature stories. He wrote for the Houston Chronicle (This Week Neighborhood News and Op-Eds) including freelancing for Houston Forward Times.

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His latest expansion is to News Break.

Six of Walker’s crime articles were re-published into a paperback series published by Pinnacle Books. One book titled: Crimes Of The Rich And Famous, edited by Rose Mandelsburg, garnered considerable favorable ratings. Gale Publisher also re-published a story into its paperback series that he wrote about the Mob: Is the Mafia Still a Force in America?

Meanwhile this dedicated journalist wrote criminal justice issues and crime pieces for John Walsh’s America’s Most Wanted Crime Magazine, a companion to Walsh blockbuster AMW show. If not working PI cases and providing business intelligence to business owners, Walker operates a writing service for clients, then serves as a crime historian guest for the Houston-based Channel 11TV show called the “Cold Case Murder Series” hosted by reporter Jeff McShan.

At NewsBlaze, Clarence Walker expands his writing abilities to include politics, human interest and world events.

Clarence Walker can be reached at: newswriter74@yahoo.com

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