Improvement in Furniture Industry With Help of Technology

Technology has profoundly impacted the furniture industry in the past few years through innovative materials and process available to designers and manufacturers. Computer programs are now available allowing representation of forms that were previously impossible to draw. These representations are translated directly into manufacturing processes.

Link Between Furniture and Technology

There is a close link between furniture and technology. With advancements in technology, new forms of the structure are now available to furniture producers. Such shifts have given rise to unprecedented developments.

Material and processing techniques are two most important fields that are affected by technology. New ideas are now rapidly spread throughout the Internet which is also an important point to take into account. A wide range of technologies are available to furniture designers and makers, leading to new possibilities.

Craftsmen are now defined by the use of their technology. The form and function of furniture are widely defined through the application of new technologies. Designers who use the latest equipment are often preferred over producers who stick to traditional forms of production and designing. This is indicative of the important role technology has played in development of the industry


Technology has impacted each and every aspect of the furniture industry from production to material development and design to marketing. Gone are the days when only a handful of saws and other minor equipment was used to make leather sofas. Now we have a wide range of machines, introduced by technology, to develop better quality and even quantity of furniture being produced.

Automation has entered the industry. Automatic machines are used to ensure a better quality of goods produced. Relevant software and hardware are used to develop a better product. The furniture market has reached such success that by 2019, the global market for furniture is predicted to reach $695 million.

Here are some key ways in which technology has positively impacted the furniture industry:

  • New technology has enabled craftsmen to create multi-functional and versatile furniture. Demand has been increased for small and portable furniture. Consumers are now looking for foldable, multi-purpose and technology-driven furniture especially individuals who live in smaller spaces.
  • Online furniture stores are now a trend. Since the competition is fierce, online stores are becoming the fastest growing channel. Companies have now invested more resources into the development of online retail furniture stores which have benefited consumers in hundreds of ways.
  • Consumers are now more willing to buy luxury furniture due to better options available in the market. Countries like China and India are now developing at a rapid pace in these terms.
  • Furniture vendors are now going green. Vendors are developing eco-friendly furniture. They are looking for sustainable ways to produce furniture and ensure a safe environment. Although the furniture becomes more expensive, the demand is rising and companies happily offer these products.


It is evident that technology has revolutionized the furniture industry. Furniture is now developed in a better way. With so many options available, it is recommended purchasers conduct research before heading to a store.

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.