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How to Reduce Your Business Energy Expenses

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The monthly energy bill is a business expense that can be lowered when the right steps are taken. Many proactive companies usually spend time looking at how to save money on energy to become more efficient and profitable. Doing so means the investment in time and money put into developing ways to save energy will repay itself several times over for many years to come.

Below are just some of the ways a business can use to get energy bills down.

  1. Insulation

When walking by an office window during the winter, if the wind can be felt as it blows around outside, a tremendous amount of money is being wasted. Old windows, doors, and building insulation are some of the most common causes of energy loss yet they’re also the last things business owners look at replacing.

When looking into replacing doors and windows, compare business energy tax breaks and see which types of products work best for the business. Some states also offer tax breaks for installing new insulation, which creates more than one way to save money on energy efficiency.

  1. Solar Energy

Installing solar energy panels on the office roof is another way to save money in two different ways. Not only can energy bills be significantly reduced, but there are also tax rebates associated with installing solar panels. The tax rebates and energy bill savings can team up to help new solar panels pay for themselves in a short period of time. Once the panels are paid for, energy savings become more profit for the bottom line.

  1. Change Energy Suppliers

Most states have created systems allowing commercial electricity rate comparison among multiple suppliers. Choose the provider that will generate the most savings for the business.

The days of one utility company monopolizing energy distribution are gone, and every business needs to look into taking advantage of the power to choose offered by many states across the nation. Go online for an instant energy rates comparison and find the company that will helps save the most money on monthly energy bills.

  1. Investigate State Energy Programs

While doing an instant rate comparison online between the many energy suppliers, look into the different state programs that help businesses save money on energy.

Many states and local municipalities offer money-saving energy programs, and it’s in your best interests to look into the possibility of signing up for a program that could significantly lower bills. For example, New Jersey Clean Energy Program incentivizes small businesses to use renewable energy, while New York Energy Cost Savings (ESCP) offers rates that are significantly lower than those of public utilities.

  1. Lower Ceilings

One of the more obvious ways to save energy is to move the business to a smaller location, but not every company can do that. If moving isn’t an option, consider installing suspended ceilings that reduce the amount of space to heat and cool. Insulated ceiling panels, reduce monthly energy bills even more.

  1. Consider Telecommuting

Each employee that works in the office needs energy to run their computer, phone, lights and any office equipment at their desk. Spreading employees out within the office space required lighting more space and expending more energy for heating and cooling .

Allowing some employees to work from home by telecommuting means lower energy costs due to supporting fewer employees in the office space. Less office space is needed, which means less energy expended on heating, cooling, and lighting. It may also mean less space is needed.

  1. Let the Sunshine In

When the sunlight is available, turn off all of the artificial lights in the office and utilize the natural light. Install more windows and skylights to get natural light into more parts of the office.

During the winter, allow natural sunlight to help heat the office as well. While in summer, use special shades over windows that allow light in, but keep out the ultraviolet rays that cause heat.

  1. Use Motion Sensors

Many companies waste energy by constantly burning lights in bathrooms, empty conference rooms, and non-occupied offices all day long. Install motion sensors to have light when needed and lights turned off when no one is around. These motion sensors have the potential to save the company a lot of money in wasted energy costs.

  1. Get The HVAC Inspected Every Year

An old heating and cooling system that never gets inspected is wasting a lot of money. Have the system and ductwork checked every year to make sure they’re energy-efficient. A professional technician can help plan the replacement of the heating and cooling system to make it easier on the company’s budget.

  1. Get an Energy Audit

An energy audit is an analysis of the property by an energy professional who can identify all of the areas where money is wasted. One of the great things about an energy audit is that the final audit will show just how much money can be saved every year by taking the auditor’s professional advice.

When money is wasted on energy expenses, there is less funding to be competitive in the business market. Instead of giving the competition an advantage, look into the many ways to reduce costs and give the company a competitive advantage.

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