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How to obtain confidentiality for your business

Deciding on setting up an offshore company in Seychelles is a great business idea if you think of the tax benefits and all sorts of advantages. Foreign investors in the insular state should know that the International Business Company Law (IBC) stipulates the conditions in which the business confidentiality is granted. Opening an offshore in Seychelles starts with the Company Registrar at the local offices and the regulations imposed by the legislation in this matter.

What kind of information is not offered to public disclosure in Seychelles?

The name of the owners, of the managers in charge of the offshore company plus the minutes of the meetings in the company are among the private information protected by the International Business Company Act in Seychelles. The beneficial owners of the offshore in Seychelles, plus details about the shareholders are not mentioned by the Articles of Association, the only documents which are offered to public disclosure. Known as an independent jurisdiction, Seychelles is the type of offshore jurisdiction that provides the necessary confidentiality some foreign investors are looking for.

Nominee services in Seychelles

The privacy of an offshore company in Seychelles can be provided, besides the applicable legislation and the provisions of the IBC Act, by the nominee services in Seychelles. In other words, an offshore can benefit from the services of nominee stockholders that are appointed for confidentiality reasons. Even the directors of the company are protected from public disclosure, as there are nominee directors’ services available in Seychelles. We remind that the confidentiality for your business in Seychelles is granted by the applicable legislation in the archipelago.

Short facts about offshores in Seychelles

Without any doubts, the privacy for business is the key feature in Seychelles and the representative trademark for this important offshore jurisdiction. Any information or important company document cannot be revealed to public disclosure in Seychelles as the legislation forbids such action. Even the directors of the Seychelles offshore company are protected by the legislation as there is a complete focus on client confidentiality. The status of a very appreciated offshore jurisdiction is also sustained by the country’s tax structure because there are no taxes for offshores in the insular state. Keeping the competitive attributes among the international financial centers relies on the ways in which the business is done in Seychelles, plus the excellent advantages, among which, privacy plays a major role.

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