How to Improve Coffee Machines in This Digital Era?

In Finland, the average adult consumes 4-5 cups of coffee every single day. This means that Brazil and South American coffee-producing giants will need to work on cutting-edge farming techniques to increase their crops like never before. However, considering how fast-paced life is becoming, coffee machines in homes and offices will need to keep up with their production speed and flavor blending.

This story explores possible improvements in the best automatic filter coffee machines for your home and office use which are being worked on today with the help of modern advancements in technology.

  • Wifi-Oriented Smart Technology

Smartphone application operated coffee machines are designed to keep up with the busy routine of your life and have an extremely convenient interface. The first blueprints which were industrially verified were introduced back in 2015 and today brands like Breville and Mr. Coffee are producing these extremely sophisticated and innovative designs.

These coffee makers include:

  • A digital display and a touchpad through which you can identify how finely you want the coffee beans to be grained;
  • The option of keeping the machine on a timer through your smartphone, which means that just like your alarm you can set when you want your coffee ready in the morning;
  • An automatic warning system in case supplies run out or if any vault is choked/moldy.

These revolutionary designs are absolutely perfect except for the fact they cannot be used for heavy duty. They are not affordable for every household, but with the passage of time, these improvements can become mainstream.

  • Multiplication of Options

In the United States of America, around 80% of adults consume coffee every day. Every individual is entitled to his/her own personal preference, and it can be annoying when visiting a coffee shop to not find your perfect blend and style.

After the invention of premium espresso machines by ‘Slayer,’ it is now time for the addition of more vaults in the machine which can help people get their mocha or hazelnut flavor with cream added on top without the need for it being done by a bartender or the drinker himself. So many options needing processing all at once can be quite difficult for standard machine programs. That is why the inherent use of smart technology here will make things a lot easier in the office and home.

  • Inner Cleaning Mechanism

In 2015, researchers in Valencia, Spain, found bacteria in coffee machines in reputable local hotels around the city. The study, conducted by Valencia University students, sampled the coffee waste reservoirs in ten different Nespresso machines.

See: Vilanova, C. et al. The coffee-machine bacteriome: biodiversity and colonisation of the wasted coffee tray leach. Sci. Rep. 5, 17163; doi: 10.1038/srep17163 (2015).

This is likely to be the case with home coffee machines too, and completely detaching a sophisticated design like this can produce unwanted results. This is where technology could create a cleaning and waste management mechanism that can run by simply pressing a button.