How Does a Person Commit?

What I do is eliminate any and all options and devote myself to learning everything I can about the topic. I become a fanatic, 100% absorbed, all in, a Super Freak! I stop questioning and get in all the way. I discontinue looking at other options.

Committing is as simple as picking a place to park your car. Find a spot, pull in and get out of the car. You don’t keep looking for another space in which to park. COMMIT AND BE DONE WITH IT. Committing is when you make a firm decision, you quit wondering, and then you follow your commitment through with actions.

Once you’ve fully committed to a partner in life, its good advice to quit looking for new partners. You take what you have and make everything you can out of it. Can you find someone prettier, smarter, and happier? Probably, but that’s not committing. Committing means you are in all the way, you are done looking and you make the person you have committed to the prettiest, the smartest and the happiest. I would rather commit to the wrong thing all the way than commit to the right thing halfway. Commit and be done with it!

Whenever I commit myself to any line of action, I get immediate results. When I’m not committed all the way, I find results are delayed or non-existent. If I’m committed 100% to the customer before me, I get results. But when I’m with one customer and thinking about another customer or wishing I had a better customer, I’m unable to make the best of what I have. Commit and commit all the way.

I decided one day (after years of being mediocre), that sales was not the problem, I was. At that moment, I devoted myself to learning everything there was to know about sales. My goal was to stand head and shoulders above others in my field and to no longer be compared with them. I decided to become a professional and be different than the “typical,” average, mediocre salesperson. That’s the moment when everything changed for me, and it changed immediately and magically. Right away my energy changed, my dress changed, my actions and habits started changing, my language changed and my results changed. Immediately, my pastures became green and my potential exploded. It was almost spiritual! No it was spiritual. It was so dramatic -and that is the magic of commitment. If you want to be successful at anything then guess what? You need to commit 100%, not a 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2, but go all the way baby!