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Get the Protection you need at a Motorcycle Gear Store

Small motorcycles lined up in a store
Small motorcycles lined up in a store

Proper Protective Gear Lowers Injury Risk

Motorcycles are fun to ride but you must have the proper protective gear to lower the risk of suffering severe injuries if you are involved in a crash. Every motorcycle rider should wear the right pants, jacket, boots, gloves and helmet for the best protection.

A local motorcycle gear store can outfit you with the proper equipment so you can enjoy riding your motorcycle without worrying about injuries.

Finding a Quality Helmet

Most motorcycle riders know that wearing a helmet is extremely important. A quality helmet protects the skull in a hard impact but it also serves other purposes. A helmet acts like a shield to protect your face. Motorcyclists involved in crashes are more likely to survive if they are wearing a quality helmet. Helmets also offer protection for the jaw and neck. Motorcyclists can choose from three different types of helmets. The three main types of helmet are open-face, flip-face or full-face.

Motorcycle Gloves

Small motorcycles in a store

Motorcyclists should wear gloves for protection, comfort and control. If you are involved in an accident, gloves will protect the hands and fingers against scrapes and lacerations.

If you ride when it is cold outside, gloves will keep the hands warm, so you retain full function. The right gloves improve grip on the handlebars, which makes it easier to ride long distances without becoming fatigued.

Sturdy Boots

A good motorcycle boot protects the toes, feet and ankles in a crash. Motorcycle boots should have a good tread to allow for better grip on the pavement and foot pegs. High quality boots usually have durable rubber soles and are resistant to water and oil, to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

Most of these types of boots have load spreaders and energy absorbers built in for better performance. Wearing boots reduces the risk of injuring the toes, ankles and shins in an accident.

Leather Clothing

Motorcyclists call the pants and jackets they wear leathers. Leathers made with kangaroo or cowhide are the most popular and they come in two-piece sets that consist of trousers and a jacket. Many leathers made these days have armor built-in for additional protection. Manufacturers usually build the armor into the hips, elbows, knees, back and shoulder, which are the most likely impact areas.

Some modern jackets have their own airbag systems that inflate on impact and provide an even greater level of protection.


Biking can be fun, but without wearing the proper protective gear, you are at risk of suffering a serious injury or even death. Visit http://motorcyclegearstore.co.uk to find everything you need.

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