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FTC Study Claims Many Credit Reports Contain False Information


According to The Wall Street Journal, “In an FTC study, 262 of 1,001 people who reviewed their credit reports spotted at least one potential ‘material’ mistake, such as a credit-card account that wasn’t theirs or a late payment that they didn’t believe was late.”

The report continues that, “When the participants disputed the information with credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion, 206 people saw at least one credit-report change- a recognition some data was indeed wrong or couldn’t be verified.”

One company has emerged in Southern California to help California consumers do something about credit problems.

Credit Restoration Company

If a person is in debt, has bad credit in the way of doing what they want to do financially, or is not allowed a bank account due to chexsystems, this company indicates that it can help with workable solutions to these problems.

The company states that bad credit can follow a person for up to ten years. They urge people to not procrastinate, and assure that few minutes of their time can mean a lifetime of better, new opportunities. The company is now offering free credit consultation which includes a free credit report. Results on what the company can do will be delivered to clients it states, in under three weeks.

C R Credit Restoration

C R Credit Restoration is the company, and its’ areas of expertise include dealing with:

Credit Repair

Bank Account (chexsystems)

Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy (consulting)

Credit Counseling

Identity Theft (Counseling), and

Foreclosure prevention

Mr. Gomez, of CR Credit states that, “We are dedicated to our clients’ needs and won’t stop working until they are completely satisfied. We believe in straightforward, honest communication.”

Cr Credit Restoration is based in the upscale area of downtown Los Angeles, California. Serving the downtown community since 2009, they report that they have helped thousands all over the United States reach their goals and be clear from debt. They state that they welcome the opportunity to earn new clients trust and deliver the best service in the industry.

The company supports a free consultation including a free credit report, by contacting them in Los Angeles, California at 313-925-0281 or visiting the website. English and Spanish speaking clients are welcome.

www.CRcreditrestoration.com or E-mail Mr. Gomez at JGomez@CRcreditRestoration.com

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