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Doe Deere’s Fantastic Path: Entrepreneur, Mother and Visionary

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The age of the Internet has come with a lot of amazing things. One of the best things about the Internet is the force of social media and how people with great ideas who can be amazing sources of inspiration can take the lead, promote themselves and inspire others in return with the products they sell or simply make for themselves.

Doe Deere is a social media icon, an entrepreneur who has become popular worldwide due to her interest in cosmetics, fashion and beauty. And she is still riding the wave of social media and coming on strong!

How Doe Deere Became A Household Name

The cool entrepreneur first started as a LiveJournal and MySpace user. She soon got many followers, having an innate understanding and talent for building online communities. Back then, she sold vintage clothing on eBay and she went by the name Thunderwear!, which then turned into Lime Crime. So this was her first true love: selling vintage clothes online, through what she found interesting by herself in various shops.

She is one of the very first indie entrepreneurs of social media and she never failed to charm.

In the meantime, she started sharing her musical taste with her followers and she took on the name Doe Deere. She also met her husband along the way, Mark. Together, they felt even more inspired to build their online community and grow the business even more.

She soon started to post makeup tutorials and this made her followers crazy! She was absolutely thrilling and her pieces of advice made thousands of views across the world. Afterwards, Lime Crine starting selling eyeshadows, brushes and glitters.

She says that she has always had an entrepreneurial flair and she had her first business around the age of 13, in Russia, when she started selling tattoos to her colleagues. She actually wanted to be a musician, but she ended up selling makeup. One’s vocation can be different than what they imagine.

What Lies Ahead For The Momtrepreneur

…because she recently became a mother! Her daughter was carried by a surrogate mother, because the pregnancy would have brought a lot of medical issues and complications to Deere. It wasn’t an easy choice, but it was the right one and she was very open about it.

Once she announced her pregnancy, she also announced that she would step down from her position at Lime Crime, which she would hand down to dedicated and trustworthy people who love the business.

In return, she would start a new venture, called Poppy Angeloff, with her sister, Kat Dey. Their common inspiration is coming from a family of petites, where they had to struggle to find jewelry that would fit their size, especially when it came to rings, bracelets and other types of jewelry. The symbol of the business are going to be pansies, which meant “I love you” in Victorian times.

Another passion she has is home decorating and she is preparing her house in a colourful style that is so characteristic of her. Her home is full of flowers, color and energizing vibes.

All in all, being a social media icon and entrepreneur is more than business and she shows this best. Social media is not just about selling, but also about inspiring and sharing key private moments of one’s life in order to make the community feel interconnected and bring a sense of inspiration into the world. This is best illustrated by Doe Deere’s case: she started with her passion (music), then with sharing some of interests whilst adding up her entrepreneurial talent. This what makes a great momtrepreneur these days!

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