Brockton Casino Supporters Urging State Officials to Maintain Timeline

Mass Gaming & Entertainment, the Developer, collaborated with George Carney, owner of Brockton Fairgrounds, to complete the first phase of their casino application. State officials announced that their application was “substantially complete” in March.

After three days, KG Urban, casino developer for New Bedford, received an extension in deadline from the Gaming Commission of Massachusetts. The new deadline was set as May 4.

After ten days, and two months post the approval of Brockton, commissioners announced that the first-phase of application for KG Urban was “substantially complete.”

However, the difficulties of New Bedford did not end. KG Urban failed to finalize its terms with one key financial backer within the deadline of May 14. Commissioners shifted the deadline to June 9 allowing enough time for striking a deal for the project worth $650 million.

The whole time, Brockton supporters have been urging state gaming officials to stay on timelines. However, the schedule seems to be shifting continuously in favor of New Bedford.

Bill Carpenter, Brockton Mayor, also wrote to the gaming commission emphasizing the need to maintain timelines for the casino. Carpenter said that while southeastern Massachusetts cities are putting together their plans for economic development, “we cannot be stuck in limbo, waiting indefinitely” for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to take key decisions.

After four months, casino proposal for New Bedford seems to have completely collapsed. This has left Brockton supporters with a message about sticking to timelines.

Marline Amedee, pro-casino campaign in Brockton co-chair, said, “They had a process.” When there are two applicants out of which one backs off, the process still has to continue. Brockton should, therefore, receive its license.

Amedee also said that they had financial documents to corroborate this. Hence, there is no reason to drop the process.

Gaming commissioners have not yet said anything about continuing the process. They have also not commented on the current Sept. 30 deadline for final application.

If the process goes through, then awarding of the license will most likely happen sometime in the beginning of 2016.

However, Brockton supporters are legitimately concerned in light of previous actions and comments of commissioners.

The comments have been related to market saturation alongside worries on the feasibility of awarding any license at all in the entire region.

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