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Bob Straniere Launches The Wounded Warrior Workplace Initiative

Conservative Challenges Congressional Candidates To Make Pledge

Staten Island, NY – former Assemblyman Bob Straniere, the conservative Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s 13th District, launched The Wounded Warrior Workplace Initiative today. The program aims to have Congress hire more wounded military veterans and their families to their congressional staffs.

The Straniere Pledge is to hire at least one-third of his congressional staff from the ranks of American’s wounded military veterans or members of their immediate families. The Wounded Warriors Workplace Initiative is open to all wounded military veteran families regardless of where or when they served.

In addition to his congressional staff, Straniere committed to hiring one-third of his campaign staff from wounded warriors or their immediate family members. He has established a dedicated campaign fund for Americans to support the effort immediately where 100% of these funds will go towards the salaries and expenses of these campaign wounded warriors and their families (please visit www.BobStraniere.com.)

Straniere said, “America owes an enormous debt to the men and women who sacrificed so much for our nation and I believe by commencing The Wounded Warrior Workplace Initiative, Congress can give something back to these soldiers and their families.”

Straniere, a Vietnam-era veteran who served as an officer in the U.S. Army, added, “With more than 30,000 soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with physical injuries, we owe these families whatever support they need. With an office filled with people who understand the daily issues wounded veterans and their families face, my congressional staff will lead the Congress in veteran support.” As an Assemblyman in 2004, Bob was at the Staten Island Armory when our soldiers were embarking on their mission to Iraq, and as a Congressman, Bob will there to greet and honor their service as they return home.

Straniere is calling upon other congressional candidates to make The Straniere Pledge. “These Great Americans and their families who sacrificed in Iraq, Afghanistan or other places around the world, have gained valuable experience and have shown tremendous leadership protecting our country and I think it is important for Congress – and the American people – to listen to what they have to say.”

“If the Halls of Congress are filled with wounded veterans and their families, Congress can’t help but learn more and do more to support our military. If every Member of Congress joins The Wounded Warrior Workplace Initiative and makes The Straniere Pledge, the nation’s leaders will never be able to forget their sacrifices,” Straniere continued.

Straniere stressed his goal is not to just give wounded veterans and their family a job, but to give them an opportunity. “By giving veterans and their family members a job in politics and government, they will be given an opportunity to learn how the political and governmental institutions work and how they can influence them for the good of our national security.”

Below is a list of the five departments the campaign will be hiring throughout the month of August (resumes should be sent with a cover letter to resumes@BobStraniere.com):

Field/Ground Department – this area of the campaign will help coordinate voter registrations drives, attending festivals, street fairs, and organizing the Get-Out-The-Vote efforts; individuals with strong logistic and interpersonal skills should consider this department.

Communications Department – this area of the campaign is responsible for reaching out to local and national TV, radio, print and online reporters, producers, and bloggers; individuals with strong writing skills should consider this department.

Policy Department – this area of the campaign is responsible for researching issues surrounding local matters along with long-term national policy; individuals with strong research and writing skills should consider this department.

Fundraising Department – this area of the campaign is responsible for contacting prospective donors and organizing fundraising events; individuals with strong telephony and organizational skills should consider this department.

Scheduling and Advance Department – this area of the campaign is for scheduling all campaign-related events and meetings along with ensuring the smooth execution of each event; individuals with strong organizational skills and attention to detail should consider this department.

To learn more about Bob Straniere’s campaign please visit his website www.BobStraniere.com.

About Bob:

Bob Straniere is a former New York State Assemblyman who represented Staten Island for 24 years. He is a proud husband, father of four and grandfather of five. He is a successful entrepreneur and committed public servant. While Bob was a Member of the New York State Assembly Ways and Means Committee, he fought for lower taxes, less government and more freedom. He is a graduate of Wagner College and New York University Law School. He has served for 25 years as an Independent Director of over 30 different American Mutual Funds, including equity, bond, international, tax-exempt and money market funds. As a Congressman, Bob will fight to increase funding for homeland security to protect our ports and tackle the transportation issues facing the district. He supports commonsense energy solutions that combine immediate tax relief for families and a20combination of long-term solutions including drilling for more oil and investing in alternative sources of energy. Bob will continue to be a great advocate for our brave veterans and their families and will continue his fight to protect our most vulnerable citizens: seniors and children.

About the 13th Congressional District of NYS (the Republican District of New York City):

  • The 13th Congressional District for the United States House of Representatives includes all of Staten Island and the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, and Gravesend in Brooklyn.
  • For more than 27 years, this Congressional District has been represented by Republicans.
  • Congressman Vito Fossella currently represents the 13th Congressional District but is retiring after more than a decade of public service.
  • In 2006, the worst year for New York Republicans in generations (Elliot Spitzer elected Governor and Hillary Clinton elected Senator), Congressman Fossella was re-elected with more than 56% of the vote.
  • In 2004, with President George W. Bush defeating Senator John Kerry in Staten Island by over 13 points, Congressman Fossella won by 26 points.
  • In 2000, with Vice President Al Gore carrying the district against Governor George W. Bush, Congressman Fossella won with 65% of the vote.
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