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Beyond the Cubicle: The Hottest Outdoor Careers of 2019

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A mundane career can make you feel like your soul is dying. In fact, studies show that your body is dying in a sedentary desk job.

Although office jobs are some of the best paying careers, they’re not always the most fulfilling. When you sit all day, your chest is contracted and you deliver less oxygen to your brain. Without engaging your body, your heart and other organs aren’t functioning their best.

An outdoor career is the opposite of sedentary. There are many benefits to spending time outdoors. Choosing an active career will not only captivate you mentally, but will keep your body healthy as well. To find out more about the best outdoor jobs of 2019, keep reading below.

Jobs in Energy

You don’t have to be an accomplished engineer to get a job in the energy industry – they also have positions like technicians and those who do installation.

The energy demand rises every year, which means the demand for employees in the field rises as well. This is good news for anyone who wants to work outdoors and has a passion for science.

Wind and solar energy are especially geared for the outdoor. Do some research on those energy sources to keep yourself a competitive hire.

Jobs in Recreation

Compared to jobs in the energy industry, outdoor recreation jobs are far more laid back. There is a wide variety of careers to choose from in this field.

If you’re into sports, check out your local sports complex for positions. If you live in a cold place, ski resorts are likely hiring.

Anywhere where the community can enjoy the outdoors also needs staff on hand. This includes beaches, pools (like here), and golf courses.

Jobs in Science

If engineering isn’t your thing, but you do love science, there are other areas of the subject that you can explore. Careers in archaeology, botany, biology, and other fields will allow you to sharpen your analytical skills while you work outdoors.

These jobs usually require more specialized skills, so make sure to decide on your career early to give yourself time to prepare.

Jobs in Forestry/Agriculture

If these jobs were listed on a scale from the least outdoors to the most outdoors, forestry and agriculture would be at the top of the list. These careers revolve around plants and animals and you will rarely find yourself working inside.

The good news is that loggers, farmers, and hunters don’t require advance degree. These careers are easy for anyone to get into. Other jobs, like food scientists, require a bit more work.

Outdoor Careers and More

Which of the outdoor careers intrigue you most? No matter what you choose, you’ll keep your mind active, your body healthy, and have the opportunity to connect with nature.

The ability to work in the natural world will give you more peace than working under artificial lighting in a claustrophobic space. Working outdoors may be tiresome, but you’ll find yourself managing your stress better.

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