Are You Making These Common But Very Critical Mistakes In Your Business?

There are at least three very critical mistakes that most business owners make in today’s economy. And these are the exact reasons why these same businesses are not growing to be as successful and profitable as they could be.

What most business owners find interesting is these are not mistakes that they are typically aware of.

Zembruski told NewsBlaze “Almost all entrepreneurs tend to make one, two, or all three of these mistakes in their business and they don’t even know it. So there is a special teleseminar next week to help improve their business.”

During this session, Zembruski will be interviewing Joel Block, known as America’s Business Growth Guru. Joel is a master at helping people like you create and grow strong, powerful, and highly profitable businesses.

Matt will be asking Joel the tough questions to get him to “spill the beans” and share as much content as he possibly can in one hour. The seminar is normally priced around $100, but as a business owner and entrepreneur, Matt is inviting you to attend the next seminar for free.

“Not only will you find out about these mistakes and how to identify them, you will also learn some quick and simple fixes,” he says. “Obviously, we can’t give you all the tools to correct these common and costly mistakes in just one hour, but we also want you to know that this is not primarily a sales pitch – it is a real information-rich teleseminar.”

“There will be quality, timely, critical, and profit-focused content delivered so that even if you choose not to work with us in the future, you will come away with valuable and actionable information that can make a difference in your business immediately.”

He added “Naturally, we hope you will be blown away by the information and want an even more in-depth understanding of how to correct these mistakes and make tremendous leaps and bounds in your business and revenue growth.”

Only a small amount of time is reserved at the end of the call to inform those who are interested in how to pursue additional training.

Zembruski says “If we don’t deliver, we don’t expect you to stay on the call at that point. So it is very much our goal to make sure you get immediate value and some big A-ha’s before we ever tell you how to invest with us.”

How to get on the call

All the details for this private training session are on the website. But you want to act quickly because there are only 100 lines available for the event and it is going out to a large list of business owners.

Here’s what a few others who have attended this same call in the past have to say about it…

“I got so much out of this call! Even though I have listened to many calls over the last few years about how to up-level my money-making capabilities, I learned several fresh, new, helpful things from this business-trainer dynamo. Joel Block not only “walks his talk,” as his amazing income and accolades prove; he also “talks his walk” and that makes for a great high-quality call. Get your pen and paper ready, set, go!”

-Rebecca R. Riales, Ph.D., “The Aha! Master”

“Joel Block’s teleseminar (hosted by Matt Zembruski) was awesome! Joel gave specific strategies anyone can use to build revenue. Joel has a unique perspective and shows you exactly how to create buyers. Tons of valuable information. Thank You!!”

-Jean Chelin, The Technical Web Marketing Guru


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