5 Tips for Making Your Next Corporate Event a Smashing Success

Want to plan a corporate event your employees or clients will talk about for years to come?

Just because a corporation has the budget to succeed, doesn’t mean they’ll actually create a noteworthy event. So, why does this happen when a corporation has an abundance of resources at their disposal?

Some possible reasons are poor planning, vague objectives, and a lack of connection with attendees. While there are many different types of corporate events, each corporate event should cause the attendee to leave feeling like they’ve gained something valuable. This could be securing new networking contacts, education, or a greater sense of pride and loyalty in the company.

This is more difficult to achieve than many planners realize, however. Sometimes it’s only realized when the big day arrives and the event falls flat. To avoid corporate event planning that misses the mark, you’ll need some practical and valuable advice to make the event a success.

Want to learn how to make your next corporate event a smash? Read on to discover five tips to ensure your next corporate event goes off without a hitch.

1. Detailed Objective

Speak with high-level management about the event’s objectives. Compile a list of goals, priorities, and preferred outcomes to get an idea of what management is attempting to accomplish.

After the meeting with management, send out a detailed event objective description. This allows them to make any adjustments and to be on the same page early on.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Corporate events for employees will be much different than events for clients. Get clear on who your target audience is, what their needs are, and how to ensure they have a great event experience.

For either audience, you’ll want to attempt to secure the best food, beverages, and venue within your budget. This will help attendees to feel appreciated, connected, and excited about the event.

3. Department Meetings

Meet with a variety of departments within the corporation to ensure the company’s brand, voice, and mission are represented throughout the event.

For example, ask the marketing and sales teams about event materials and logo usage. Speak with the legal department as well about insurance for the day. You could also meet with each department to discover what they would like to see and experience on the day of the event.

4. Select a Venue

Selecting a venue can be a challenging task, so you’ll want to begin touring venues anywhere from eight months to a year in advance.

You can also attend a corporate event planner expo to network with other event planners who can give you great strategies to secure the best venue, vendors, and schedule.

5. Select the Right Activities and Speakers

Corporate events have a reputation of either being dreadfully boring or over-the-top. Selecting the right activities and speakers could determine where your event falls on the corporate event spectrum.

Even if your budget isn’t fit for an over-the-top experience, you can still make the experience engaging for guests by selecting interesting speakers and planning meaningful activities attendees can participate in.

Ready to Use These Corporate Event Planning Tips?

Corporate event planning takes time, effort, and patience. But, with these corporate event planning tips, you can make sure your next corporate event is a smash!

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