4 Reasons To Avoid Waste Management Contracts

Businesses across the US provide products and services for consumers, which creates waste. While some businesses try to manage this waste themselves, it’s often easier to hire waste management professionals. However, some service providers want to suck unsuspecting businesses into contracts that don’t benefit them.

The following four reasons to avoid waste management contracts can help business owners discern contracts or find waste management professionals who will work without contracts.

Many Contracts Don’t Cover Provider Problems

Waste management contracts are agreements between waste management professionals and business owners. The contract requires that the service providers arrive at the business and perform the needed services, such as gathering and disposing of waste.

Many contracts conveniently leave out any coverage or terms about provider problems. They also don’t provide any information about what a business can do if the waste professionals don’t arrive on time or if they perform poorly. This often leaves the business owner or employees with extra work to do, wasting time and resources to perform the job they’re paying someone else to do.

Some Contracts Allow for Price Changes

Price changes are other sneaky features of some waste management contracts. Providers use this to raise prices throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Once the business owner signs a contract that allows this, they often can’t dispute the price increase. They must pay it and any other price changes until the contract ends; they could also terminate the contract early. Unfortunately, early termination can come with its own fees. Business owners often feel like they have no way out of these contracts.

Automatic Renewal Can Waste Money

Many business owners or managers sign up for waste management contracts because they want to “set, then forget” their waste. They have better things to focus on. The hired professionals know this and offer automatic renewal as a helpful feature to encourage that mindset. However, automatic renewal can bring new contract terms, including price increases. An unsuspecting business owner may one day encounter fees they can’t fight because they accepted an automatically renewing contract.

4 Reasons To Avoid Waste Management Contracts
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Businesses May Not Get the Services They Need

The biggest reason business owners should avoid waste management contracts is because they may not receive the services they need. Without a contract, they can request different services when necessary instead of being stuck with one service they need for a limited time. There are many pros and cons of no-contract waste disposal services, and service freedom is one of the pros. Entrepreneurs should find a waste management company that doesn’t require contracts in order to enjoy service freedom.

All companies need waste management, but not all need a waste management contract. Contracts can tie business owners into unfair agreements that cost too much and waste resources. No-contract waste services are often more advantageous for businesses of all sizes.

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