Session Replay Tools: How Customers Make Websites Better

How Session Replay Tools Bring About Better Customer Experience

Have you ever left an online store leaving a full basket without making a purchase? Or sworn under your breath clicking through pages on you bank’s website trying to find the information you needed? These are examples of less than satisfactory customer experience, and business owners hate this when it happens, because for them, it means lost profit and time and money wasted on costly support lines. To avoid this and make their websites successful, they use session replay tools (click here to learn more).

What Are Session Replay Tools?

In today’s world, people make instant decisions if they want to buy something, or read an article, or do just about anything as they browse the Internet or try a new smartphone app. If they don’t get the service or quality they want, chances are they will leave without making a purchase or do whatever the seller or service provider was expecting them to do. If that happens too often, the business will not be successful and eventually will lose it customers and with them – the competitive battle.

As Wikipedia puts it, the tools in question provide the opportunity to replay a visitor’s journey on the web site or within an app and detect what went wrong. They show customer activity from their point of view, including the information they enter using input devices such as keyboard and mouse, as well as provide loads of technical information about the network and functioning of a web site or app.

The main goal is to improve customer experience and pinpoint obstacles that hinder conversion and result in losses. That is why, unknowingly, even your bad experience with a certain website can, in fact, make it better!

These tools can also be used to study customer behavior and improve the overall usability of a website.

Better Customer Experience And Support

As they say, a problem well put is half solved. Knowing how customers use navigation, menu bars, how many rows they are willing to scroll and other actions they perform (or fail to perform) helps improve the overall user experience and prevent losing clients.

Traffic analysis also provides valuable data that can help create better marketing and advertising strategies to appeal to target audiences.

Session replay tools are especially useful for support staff in call centers, as these people are often in the first line of defense and have to handle issues with bad customer experience. Real-time replays help them quickly identify the problem and resolve the issue. This means killing a flock of birds with one stone: improved customer experience; more knowledgeable and qualified staff; and reduced costs due to more cost-effective customer support service.

Luckily, more and more businesses realize that providing good customer experience is the best way to remain competitive. State of the art technologies are crucial to retain customers and keep them coming back.

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