Disasters That Hit Us Personally: These Situations Impact Families The Most Financially And Emotionally

Life comes with unexpected twists and turns with some of which that can be extremely tough or negative. The way that people react to these situations helps define character as true character shows when things get difficult. Financial problems on account of an accident or divorce can tear families apart. Stress from financial issues can run very high and can even be sourced as a main complaint during divorce proceedings The best thing that anyone can do is to plan for the worst whether it is with great insurance plans or put away money just in case of an emergency in the future.

Uninsured Medical Bills

Insurance is not affordable for everyone and it is better for them to take a penalty on their taxes then put themselves in a situation where they might not be able to afford their rent or mortgage. Accidents do happen which might require emergency medical attention which comes at a premium price. Getting the minimum when it comes to an insurance plan can help save you thousands. The last thing anyone wants is to owe a hospital 6 figures due to one accident that only required a day or two of care.


Addiction can ravage families with huge financial implications as drugs can be expensive and compulsive gambling can lead a family to lose their home. Holding onto a good job when abusing drugs or alcohol is not impossible but it is difficult. Functioning addicts are in danger as well as long term effects of drugs can take a toll on the body as well as the mind. Heroin addicts have to get their fix or they get sick to the point of possibly dying without proper medical supervision. People in these situations will do things like sell cars, empty bank accounts, write bad checks, and take out high interest personal loans if possible. This can wreck a family’s financial health ruining credit and putting them thousands of dollars in debt. Identifying an addiction early gives the addict the best chance of recovery as it becomes more difficult to recover the deeper the addiction becomes.


A divorce changes the lives of everyone that is involved and especially children. Winning a child custody case might not feel like a win especially if an ex is a great parent and it just didn’t work out relationship wise. Getting the right family and divorce lawyer is important though as a scorned ex might try to “win” the divorce although it is a negative process for everyone involved. The first thing that has to be done is to downsize a home as there will not be as much space needed as well as bills can be overwhelming on one income versus two. Saving should start well before the divorce commences as saving up a nest egg is important as some people try to use money as power when divorce becomes a reality.

Natural Disaster

For thousands of Americans losing a home to a natural disaster was a reality in 2018 and now in 2019. The wildfires in the Pacific Northwest threatened some of the country’s most valuable real estate. The amount of lives lost was in the 100’s and people had to deal with not being able to go home as it had burned to the ground. Families lost family members, pets, neighbors, and many people lost their overall feeling of safety. The fire spread so quickly in some areas that there are a plethora of videos of people evacuating in the middle of intense fires with smoke so thick it is pitch black. Relief for these families is hard to come by whether it is the fires out west or the flooding in the Midwest.

Melissa Thompson

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