A Holiday Intro to Forex

What follows is actually just a regular Forex introduction. Just kidding about the holiday part, though feel free to read on with as much cheer as you like. Although Forex may be just what the doctor ordered around holiday season. After all, it’s one of the most fast-paced investment methods that exists, plus it’s fun and easy to do, especially if you’ve got some extra time on your hands while you’re away on holiday travels. Now that you mention it, this is absolutely a holiday Forex introduction, humbugs be darned! Here’s how Forex works.

Forex: The History

If you’ve poked around the personal finance blogosphere for more than a minute, you’ve likely seen the term “Forex” mentioned here and there. For those that don’t know the meaning behind the name, the term is shorthand for “Foreign Exchange” and has been used in various ways for many years. The present Forex market is very different than what has ever existed before, however.

forex trading
Foreign exchange chart.

In the old days, Foreign exchange described a bunch of different financial behaviors related to the exchange on international currencies. International currencies have been swapped by everyone from individuals to world governments for as long as there has been international travel. But in the old days, these transactions were a slow and specialized process. Those who made money exploiting value changes for profit were experts working in private firms. Today, things are much more accessible.

Forex: The Basics of Today’s Model

Today, Forex is a word usually referring to a fast growing investment market that takes place almost entirely on the internet. To take part, you’ll find a trusted web Forex broker. Brokers like these make it possible to choose from a long list of currency pairs, as well as a diverse set of commodities, assets, and other options. After you’ve made your selection, based on what you know the most about most probably, you’ll look at these currencies’ present value, then make an investment based on how you think the value will change in a certain window of time (usually minutes or hours or days, also decided by you). If you nail the direction of price change, you will be awarded dividends depending on how much the value changed in your chosen direction.

What makes this so relevant to the holidays is this can be the perfect way to make a little extra money when cash is tight. Forex requires only minimal first investments, meaning that it’s really easy to get started. Nobody would recommend that you just start investing on Forex without practicing first. That’s why most brokers offer free trial accounts with their platforms. This is industry standard. Any broker of merit that you choose will have this option. It may be a little too close to Christmas to become a master Forex investor by then, but who knows, you might surprise yourself. In any case, Forex investment can be an amazing way to get money for the short term, no matter what’s the next big event on the calendar.

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