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The Editor's view of the news


The purpose of the NewsBlaze Editor’s Blog is to encourage discourse on writing about the news of the day. We want to stimulate debate, as well as help you improve the things you write, so your readers will appreciate you more.

NewsBlaze has over 350 registered writers, from all over the world. Although they all speak and write in English, sometimes their local dialect shows through and it is the editor’s job to fix that and help improve their writing.

We have plenty of examples from our own writers, but from time to time, we will talk about other writers or editors, and what they are doing.

Even good writers make errors. Editors make errors, too, and we are perfectly capable of making something worse than it was – even though we try hard to make writers look good. Our aim is to provide useful news and information that is easy to read and understand. I’m sure someone will let us know if we fail to do that.

Thank you for reading the NewsBlaze Editor’s Blog, and please send feedback. If you have a news-writing question or would like to see something explained, please send us a question.

Alan Gray.
NewsBlaze Editor.