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Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.

Iraq, U.S., UN responsible for residents

Iraq: Camp Liberty Residents Protest the Missile Attack

Hundreds of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty held a rally, carrying protest banners and photographs of 23 victims of the Oct 29th missile attack.
Camp Liberty in flames after rocket attack.

Heavy Missile Barrage of Camp Liberty In Iraq: 23 Defenceless PMOI...

Camp Liberty, housing Iranian opposition members, supposedly under UN protection, came under severe attack and very heavy missile barrage, 23 killed.
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Iranian Opposition in Paris Conference Calls for Regime Change in Iran

A conference in Paris at French National Assembly calls for regime change in Iran and to stop execution by the Mullahs in Iran.
Woman holds photos of her relatives

Iran: Why Are Mullahs Targeting Opposition MEK Families?

West's failed appeasement policies contribute to human rights violations by Iran's mullahs regime against imprisoned MEK members' families inside Iran.
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Syria: Iran’s Top IRGC Commander Killed In Syria

The death of Hamedani and other IRGC commanders emphasizes that the criminal war against the Syrian people is directed and led by Tehran and senior IRGC commanders.
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Paris: Conference Against Death Penalty in Iran

A Conference in Paris called Iran, Human Rights, Stop Executions, on the occasion of the Day Against the Death Penalty.
rouhani and hangings

New York: UN Welcomes Rouhani, Hallmark of Executions and Tortures in...

World leaders gather in New York to discuss urgent crises across the globe, but the smell of dollars and euros overpowers human rights as they deal with Iran.
iran terrorist regime

Iran: Khamenei Praises Terrorism, Revolutionary Guards As Regime’s Sole Pillar

Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei is a warmonger, not a religious figure. He and the supposedly moderate Rouhani praise terrorism to maintain their regime.
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Iraq: Iran Qods Force Agents At Camp Liberty Under False Cover...

Iranian MOIS and terrorist Qods Force elements have transferred to Camp Liberty under the cover of family members, setting up for harassment and suppression.
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Iraq: Time for Justice In Camp Ashraf Massacre

September 1st marks the date of the Camp Ashraf massacre two years ago. The same Iraqi army intelligence officers assigned by Maliki are still there.
Camp Liberty residents

Unprecedented Heat Wave Engulfs Iraq, Inhumane Siege on Camp Liberty Residents

Iraq heats up at the same time as an intensification of the siege imposed on Camp Liberty Residents by the government of Iraq and the Iran puppet masters.
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Iraq: Intensification of Siege on Camp Liberty Residents

The Iranian Resistance calls on the UN and US, who committed to safety and security of Liberty residents, and EU Member States to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

Expulsion of Mullahs’ Regime Crucial for a ‘Free’ Iran

President-elect of the Iranian Resistance said So long as this regime is in power, the people of Iran and other nations in the Middle East will not experience freedom and democracy.

Iraq: Iranian Dissidents in Camp Liberty Protest Against Inhuman Siege

Camp Liberty residents rallied this week against an inhumane siege imposed on the camp by the Iraqi servants of the Iranian mullahs regime.
Attendees at the Paris Conference

Democratic and Tolerant Islam Against Fundamentalism, Religious Dictatorship

Shahriar Kia reports on a huge gathering for Ramadan in Paris, that is against Islamic fundamentalism and religious dictatorship in Iran.
maryam rajavi in Paris

Grand Iranian Rally in Paris Calls for Regime Change in Iran

Iranian dissidents gathered in Paris, urging a change of regime in Iran by the Iranian people and Resistance. There were tens of thousands of Iranian expatriates from around the world.
cant trust iran

Senior US Politicians Voice Strong Remarks on Iran Nuclear Dossier

Senior US politicians issued a serious wave of strong remarks on Iran's nuclear weapons drive. They say Iran cannot be trusted and Obama cannot be believed.
Nobel Laureates

23 Nobel Laureates Call for Urgent Action to End Inhuman Siege...

Hundreds of them have been left killed, injured, maimed and placed under an inhumane and illegal siege.
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Iranian Dissidents Condemn Security Conditions in Camp Liberty

Living conditions for Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty have become much harsher. UN and US safety guarantees have fallen short of their promises.
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PMOI Member Dies Due To Blockade in Liberty

Very sadly my friend and a resident of camp Liberty - Iraq, Mr. Jalal Abedini lost his life due to the medical blockade in Camp Liberty by Iran/Iraq.