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Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.

Women in Camp Liberty protest the medical siege that UNAMI does nothing about.

25 Human Rights Orgs, Personalities Emphasize Iranian Dissidents’ Plight In Iraq...

At a time when large swathes of Iraq are controlled by the self-proclaimed Islamic State and the central government is undergoing extensive reform, more...
rouhani and austrian president in iran.

Rouhani Cancels Austria Visit After Anti-Regime Rally

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) notes that Iran state media is reporting Iran president Rouhani has cancelled his visit to Austria...
Ayatollah Khomeini

Regime in Iran Based on War on Hatred

37 years ago the world witnessed the birth of the first "Islamic State" in Iran after the mullahs hijacked the 1979 revolution. Ever since...
Iranian women protest against the regime.

Womens Day in Iran Means Institutionalized Discrimination Against Women

Islamic fundamentalists do not view women as human beings, but as subhuman, and secondary to men. This is their mentality. This perspective is perhaps...
Maryam Rajavi, Iranian Resistance President-elect at European Parliament.

EU Policy On Iran After Nuclear Accord: Meeting At European Parliament

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran reports that the money Iran got from the West after sanctions were lifted recently, the...

Iran Election Controlled by IRGC and Bassij

Iran's security forces have been preparing for a year, to suppress the people voting at the next sham election, with 20 secirity peaple at each polling place.
dissent in iran streets

Iran Elections: Divisions Deepen, Troubles Escalate

As divisions deepen and troubles escalate, the establishment controlled by Khamenei will falter. 2016 will prove crucial for Iran, especially this election/selection.
rally in camp liberty 2

Iraq: Camp Liberty Residents Protest Rights Violations, Lack of Security

Protesters in Camp Liberty raised placards emphasizing the responsibilities of the UN and US, and called for action to stop prison-making measures.
rohani 2

Human Rights in Iran Under Rouhani Administration and US Policy Towards...

The nuclear agreement has not encouraged Iran to back off the horrific executions. In fact, they take advantage of Western policy weakness by killing more people.
Obama signs the bill into law.

Relatives of PMOI Members in Camp Liberty Arrested in Iran

Iranian regime intelligence agents arrested Ms. Fatemeh Rezvani and Ms. Azar Karvandi, who have relatives living in Camp Liberty who are members of PMOI.
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi lights a candle at the Christmas Eve service in St Germain Abbey, Paris.

Iranian Resistance Leader Calls for Global Peace on Christmas Eve

Divine religions have the same message of love, compassion and freedom, Mrs. Rajavi said Muslims and Christians can rely on their common values to stand up to those who pervert their religions.
Women in a picket line in Camp Liberty.

Women Refugees Rally to Stop Inhuman Siege in Camp Liberty

In the empty rocky street that passes through Camp Liberty, I saw women in the cold, with placards, in a picket line next to their trailers destroyed in the rocket attack.
Obama signs the bill into law.

Obama Signs Amendment to Protect Camp Liberty Residents

The annual US defense policy bill includes a 7 point amendment on security and protection of Camp Liberty residents, 24 of whom were killed in a deadly missile attack.
Qassem Suleimani, the notorious commander of the terrorist Qods Force

IRAN: Qods Force’s Qassem Soleimani Severely Injured in Syria

NCRI says Qassem Soleimani, the notorious commander of the terrorist Iranian Qods Force was severely injured in Syria this week.
Photos: installing new reconnaissance cameras around Camp Liberty.

Camp Liberty Reconnaissance Cameras Installed to Inflict More Damage on Refugees

Camp Liberty: Iraqi security forces install new cameras in Camp Liberty for more accurate reconnaissance to inflict more casualties in future attacks.
The 21 Nobel laureates who condemned the terrorist attack against Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty.

Iraq: 21 Nobel Laureates Condemn Terrorist Attack Against Iranian Refugees

21 Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, medicine and economy speak to the international community in a damning statement expressing their abhorrence of the attacks.
Camp Liberty survivors at the Je Suis Parisienne monument.

Iraq: Camp Liberty Residents Recite ‘La Marseillaise’ for Paris Victims

Survivors of Camp Liberty missile attack held a ceremony in honor of Paris attack victims saying: Our hearts bleed for the innocent people of France.
Camp Liberty on fire.

UK: British MPs Call for Protection of Iranian Refugees in Iraq

British MPs urge the UK government to take action for camp Liberty residents' protection after the deadly missile attack in which 24 died and many injured.
Camp Liberty residents protest the missile attack.

Crime Continues After Missile Barrage With Blockade on Camp Liberty

US and UN do nothing to stop 8 day Iraqi blockade of food, fuel, medicine into Camp Liberty and stop discharge of sewage, after rocket attack
image001 014502

Update on Attack on Camp Liberty: Hassan Nour-Ali: 24th Death

The Oct. 29th missile attack on unarmed residents of Camp Liberty killed 23 and injured many more. Now Hassan Nour-Ali has succumbed to his injuries.