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Nehad Ismail is a writer and broadcaster, who writes about issues related to the Middle East from his home in London.

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Media Myths: Does the US control the Arab Media?

Objective observers of the Pan-Arab media scene know very well that the media is sometimes used to achieve certain political ends or to promote a particular viewpoint.

Muslims Don’t Need a New Mosque

I am a Muslim; I don't want a mosque in New York President Obama, please get real. You are fighting the wrong battle.
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The Syrian Regime is Not About to Collapse

Despite the urgent need for reforms, most Syrians have no stomach for regime change, Nehad Ismail explains why.

If Only The Bunglers of Damascus Had Listened

The intention behind this article is to set the record straight and to correct the distortions of Rifaat's role in Syria.

The Syrian Opposition is in Disarray

The question which is often asked is can the young Ribal Al-Assad unify the opposition and achieve real change in Syria?

Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda CEO Uses Sex to Attract New...

Muslim suicide bombers in Britain are set to begin a three-day strike next Monday in a dispute over the number of virgins they are entitled to in the afterlife.

The Bully and the Pest

In conclusion and in the 21st century no one has to put up with bullying or sexual harassment at the work-place. The days when the boss can get away with bad behaviour are over.
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Why Women Choose to Wear Niqab

Some call it Niqab and some call it Burqa. It is the full head to toe cover that Muslim women wear. There is no requirement in the Koran to wear this full cover. It is the Muslim men who coerce women to do so.

After 40 Years is Libya a Democracy Or a Police State?

When I received the invitation by e-mail from the Conservative Arab Network to attend the book launch, I thought to myself 'I hope this is not another sycophantic book about Libya's dictator'.

A Critcal View – Media Manipulation and Distortion

In 1948 when Israel was established on 78% of historical Palestine, large numbers of Palestinians were made refugees. Some 500 villages were erased.
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al-Jazeera: Demolishing The Myths, The Misconceptions and The Lies

A book about al-Jazeera demolishes the myths, the misconceptions and the lies. Finally Al-Jazeera has been given a fair hearing by Hugh Miles' book Al-Jazeera (How Arab TV News challenged the World).

Hezbollah will claim victory irrespective of the outcome

Hezbollah will declare victory no matter what and regardless of the results, consequences and cost.
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Is Hamas Leading The Palestinians to A New Disaster.

The U.S., Russia, the EU and the UN must engage actively in helping both sides in resolving outstanding issues, applying the carrot and stick tactics to encourage the parties...
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Iran Will Disrupt Oil Supplies to The World If Attacked

The unwise belligerent statements emanating from Tehran indicate a high degree of anxiety and fear that it might be the target of attacks by US and Israel.

Middle East Situation Tense, Short-Term Outlook is Grim

The situation in the Middle East is tense and the outlook is grim, at least in the short-term. Of course we still have trouble brewing in Kashmir, Nepal, the Congo and Chechnya.