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Nehad Ismail is a writer and broadcaster, who writes about issues related to the Middle East from his home in London.

ISIS Militants

ISIS Is An Iranian Syrian Project And Has Nothing To Do...

Nehad Ismail investigates CIA-ISIS and Mossad-ISIS conspiracy theories, and Assad-ISIS and Iran-ISIS linkages.
Barack Obama Takes US Foreign Policy For Another Spin: No Improvement cartoon

Is Obama Helping Iran to Build a Nuclear Arsenal?

Obama foreign policy is a mess, with Iran racing towards nuclear capability. Obama is either helping facilitate that or he is completely outclassed.
middle east. Image by aditya wicaksono from Pixabay

Obama Has Sold Out the Syrian People Through Secret Agreement with...

Nobody believes a word that Obama says. His empty promises, insincere red lines and waffling show the US is a toothless tiger that can be kicked at will.
jordan bombs isis

Jordan Joins The War Against ISIS

Jordanian warplanes carried out a bombing raid in Syria on Wednesday as part of a second day of US-led air strikes against the ISIS terrorist group.
quneitra ruins

Al Qaeda on Israel’s Doorstep: The Manipulation of Quneitra by the...

Quneitra, a ruined border crossing town between Syria and Israeli controlled territories of the Golan Heights is a pawn in a game between Assad and militants.

The Thug of Baghdad Has Fallen at Last

Maliki, the disaster, played for time, accused President Fuad Masum of violating the constitution, and withdrew only under huge pressure by former allies.
inside the arab revolution

Inside The Arab Revolution – a Book By Koert Debeuf

Inside The Arab Revolution is an important contribution to the debate surrounding the Arab spring. It will be a reference for studying the Arab World and the history of the Arab revolution 2011-2014.
middle east. Image by aditya wicaksono from Pixabay

Evidence of Iran’s Collusion with al Qaeda and ISIS to Help...

ISIS suddenly emerged in Syria, at a time when the collapse of Assad's regime seemed imminent. The emergence of ISIS saved the Syrian regime by threatening the world with an alternative terrorist regime would replace Assad's.
Syria Where Death And Suffering Is The Norm

Can The Media Be Objective When Reporting Massacres?

Nehad Ismail reports on ethics in media, after attending a media ethics conference in London. The controversial points of objectivity, neutrality and accuracy were discussed.
smiling rouhani

Iran’s Unrelenting and Blatant Nuclear Mendacity

Nehad Ismail asks whether the Smiling Rouhani's words can be believed or trusted, over the issue of Iran's nuclear program, saying they have no intention of scaling back.
three childred killed in syria

Who is Fighting Whom in Syria?

Nehad Ismail investigates the groups fighting in Syria and concludes there are three main categories. Nothing is black and white in this mess.
obama saudi arabia 2009

Obama Has Some Explaining to Do in Saudi Arabia

Nehad Ismail says Obama has disappointed the Saudis, with his insipid ever-changing weal foreign policy in the Middle East, ignoring the rise of forces controlled by Russia and Iran.
10 His Majesty King Abdullah II 2012.

How Did King Abdullah Save Jordan from the Arab Spring Hurricane?

Nehad Ismail reviews the reason that Jordan not only looks stable, but is stable, as violence, destruction and chaos takes place all around.

The Rise of Al Arabiya and the Decline of Al-Jazeera Arabic

Nehad Ismail looks at the fall of Al-Jazeera Arabic and the rise of Al Arabiya, as middle eastern regimes increasing call Al-Jazeera their enemy.

How to Neutralize Russia’s Shameful Vetoes Over Syria?

Nehad Ismail looks at the mess in Syria and says the second round of Geneva 2 talks ended in failure, a predictable outcome, given Russia's backing of Assad.

Syrian Regime Cannot Be Trusted and Must Go

The regime also lied to Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General when they promised not to target civilians, but they did the exact opposite.
mohamad chatah

Another Lebanese Fierce Critic of Bashar al Assad Has Been Killed

Chatah, a Sunni Muslim, opposed to Hezbollah's political and military role in Lebanon, was on his way to attend a meeting when the explosion occurred.
cartoon of the day

The Nuclear Deal with Iran A Fudge and a Flawed Compromise?

Would appeasing Iran work in easing tensions in the region? Can the world trust Iran? Historical evidence suggests otherwise.

King of the Sands Film Review

King of the Sands is a biopic of Abd al-Aziz ibn Abd al-Rahman Al Saud, also known as 'Ibn Saud', an emir of the central Arabian Al Saud clan and founder of the present-day kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ed Miliband’s Cynical Tactics Encourage the Syrian Regime to Kill More...

The US has evidence that the chemical nerve agent Sarin was used in a deadly attack in Damascus last month, Secretary of State John Kerry says.